How do I buy post office shares

by , 7 Oct 2013


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Hi jackief7

You can apply for shares in the IPO online with a Debit card at or by collecting an application pack at most major Post Offices from Mon 30/9 and submitting an application by post. All applications have to be received by Midnight on Tue 8/10, so you only have just over 24hrs.

If you use either of these methods then there will be no additional charges, though the shares will be held in the Royal Mail Nominee Share Service for free, or you can elect to receive a Share Certificate. Or they can bought through a number of brokers who may not charge for the purchase, but are likely to charge you to hold them for you or to give you a certificate.

The minimum you can apply for is £750, but there is no guarantee that you will get all that you want. If the offer is heavily over-subscribed then all applications are likely to be scaled back, and any overpayment refunded.

by Bonz1957, 7 Oct 2013

Is it better to receive a Share Certificate or have them held in the Royal Mail Nominee Share Service for free Bonz. ?

by Sabre, 8 Oct 2013

Down to personal preference Sabre. Bothy are free, just depends whether you want to have to look after a share cert, or are happy to receive regular updates on your holding via the Nominee service.

by Bonz1957, 8 Oct 2013
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I want to buy some shares

by billtal18, 8 Oct 2013

Then unless you already have a trading account with a broker, you will have to apply online via the link I posted in the answer above, and pay for the shares using a debit card.
But you will have to be quick as the offer closes tonight at Midnight!!

by Bonz1957, 8 Oct 2013
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