Can i set up a online my account for shout visa card

by , 29 May 2013


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Hi lnotle

I've had a quick look at their website and I do not think you can access your account online.

If you have any other options I would strongly suggest you go elsewhere for a credit card. Because the Shout card charges a monthly fee instead of interest like other cards it is an incredibly expensive card to use.

by Bonz1957, 29 May 2013

It's a lot cheaper than getting a payday loan

by duckie13, 14 Aug 2013

Not by very much it isn't!!

by Bonz1957, 2 Nov 2013

It's MUCH better than a payday loan.

There are NO charges at all if you pay off the balance plus £1 for when the next statement is processed (a zero balance incurs a £3.85 kind of retainer fee - their guaranteed income - a non-zero, positive balance incurs nothing).

That is different to a normal credit card in that you must return to a zero balance when the statement is processed in order to not incur a fee - with a normal credit card, you pay interest plus the minimum payment.

There are also no penalty fees with SHOUT if you don't pay the minimum payment on time - just your card is frozen untill you do.

When I've had normal credit cards, 29% interest rate and penalty fees added up to a lot!

Even if you don't pay it off, it's £15 per £100 for up to 30 days lending (dependant on when in your statement schedule you borrow). Try finding that rate on a payday loan - hard to find that for just 7 days borrowing, let alone up to 30.

Downsides I see for it is ease of repayment! I've no idea how to check my statement without calling up the india call centre, nor proper info on how best to actually pay without again going through the call centre.

by nat_tr, 3 Nov 2013

Not sure you are entirely correct nat_tr. They charge £15 per £100 per month whether you pay it all off or not.
You can get a Payday loan for £25 per £100, and a normal credit card would be £0 per £100 if paid off.

by Bonz1957, 3 Nov 2013

Yep, minimum of £15 a month

by Jazzj, 3 Nov 2013

Thanks for the clarification Jazz, was pretty certain that they still added a £15 per £100 charge even if paid off in full.

by Bonz1957, 3 Nov 2013

I can't find anything to the contrary on the site Bonz

by Jazzj, 3 Nov 2013

i rang customer services, because i was not sure of this, they said if you pay in full before the statement has been generated there is no charge

by theoriginaljazz, 8 Dec 2013

Just get to know when statement is produced and pay your balance a couple of days before you will never pay a monthly fee leave a £1 credit every month been doing this for a few months now never been charged a penny very cheap to use if used right

by alann4, 25 Jan 2014

There is no online service with this card expensive call centre number with Indian workers best to set up bank transfer when paying a statement is sent every month

by alann4, 25 Jan 2014

It is as bad as a pay day loan, its taking advantage of the lower paid, students and any one with a low credit score or who cant get credit
,ifyou have £200 credit thats what it should be not charge you £45 on top for what you havent spent so therfore why give you a credit limit as you will always willbe over with the charges shouldnot be allowed.

by dehlia, 4 weeks ago
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can I set up a online my account for shout visa card

by joysav, 26 Nov 2013

You will need to contact them to ask if it is possible.

by Bonz1957, 18 Dec 2013
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i would like to set up a online my account for visa please

by lert_p, 18 Dec 2013

Visit their website and register to access your account online.

by Bonz1957, 18 Dec 2013
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Can I find out my balance online

by michelle73, 19 Jan 2014

You will need to contact them to ask if it is possible.

by Bonz1957, 19 Jan 2014
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Can I change my address on line

by sharonh6, 14 Mar 2014

If you pay your balance off before your statement date then you don't get charged the fees

by jsteven87, 21 Mar 2014
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