do i need a CBT for 125cc scooter if i have had a car licence

by , 5 Apr 2013

i have just got a 125cc scooter and have been driving since 1990 do i need a bike licence "CBT" to ride it please, i have checked many sites for info but they are seemed geared around the new young riders.. not us 40 somethinks

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added 7 Apr 2013...

thanks hun, will book it up.... gonna be fun fun fun

added 24 Apr 2013...

thanks pip your a star,x

added 24 Apr 2013...

thanks pip x your a star BF

added 27 Apr 2013...

well i understand a bike it diffrent but taking the cbt at £130. a time is bad anoff but why do we have to redo it in two years , surely if we have been rideing for two years what will they teach us?


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Yes you do need a CBT unless you have passed a motor cycle test previously. It is not age dependant. You could ride a moped of 50cc as you passed your test prior to 2001 but anything larger and it is CBT time

by pipmkl, 5 Apr 2013

Yes you need to do the training, and guess what, it does not matter how many years you have been driving you will find it quite different on a two wheeler. Your knowledge of the road will help you of course. Enjoy your two wheeler and enjoy your training course, you will for sure pick up useful tips and new friends.

by kss038241, 27 Apr 2013

I know the price of the course is high but honestly the instructors get little or nothing out of it, it all goes down to the cost of the site, the cost of their training and of course paper work. I know you have been on the road for a long time, but we can learn something new every day plus it might be the difference between you being injured and you injuring some one else. I like you had been riding for a long time before I took a training course, that was before CBT and boy did I not only enjoy my course but learned so much more. I went on to train as an instructor and did that for nearly 30 years. The hardest part of the job was teaching those who had got into some terrible bad habits, most which they didn't realise they had and getting them into a new style of more defensive riding was a challenge, however in the end once they realised their bad habits they just loved their new found freedom. Enjoy your training it will be well worth it.

by kss038241, 29 Apr 2013

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