What is 25% of a £135,000 mortgage

by , 6 Feb 2013Open Question


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Hi lewis35

by Bonz1957, 6 Feb 2013

Wow, Bonz! ;-))

by Feline123, 6 Feb 2013

His calculator works then... ;-)

by fruitcake, 6 Feb 2013

Worked it out in my head Ladies.
I've told you before i'm a maths genius!!

by Bonz1957, 6 Feb 2013


by Feline123, 6 Feb 2013

We believe you, Bonz... :-)

by fruitcake, 6 Feb 2013

Not difficult Ladies. If it had been £140,000 then a quarter would have been £35,000. Half being £70,000. The difference is £5,000 and a quarter of that is £1,250. £35,000 less £1,250 is £33,750!!
Anyone who can't do simple sums like that in their heads need to blame their maths teacher!!

by Bonz1957, 6 Feb 2013

I can do those easily, Bonz, on a good day... :-)

by fruitcake, 6 Feb 2013

I'll believe you Fruits... :-)

by Bonz1957, 6 Feb 2013

Thank you, Bonz!

by fruitcake, 6 Feb 2013

running out of fingers and toes here

by steve_ben2004, 6 Feb 2013

Lol, Steve!

by fruitcake, 7 Feb 2013
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