how do i use my new choice freedom platinum card plz

by , 2 Feb 2013Open Question

my new card says
credit line £750
restrictions none
does this mean i have £750 2 use and if so how do i use it.
any help gratefully recieved

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added 2 Feb 2013...

im not sure if my choice freedom card is a credit card, it dosnt give any info except it says instant access to road recovery -dental assistance an dental.
there's nothing at all about how i use card or wot i can do with it.


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Hi sueward29
As far as I can tell, the Choice Freedom card isn't a propr credit card, it's a membership card offering a line of credit that you can only use at an online shop at this
If you read the comments in the question below it looks like some sort of scam. You cannot use the card in normal shops, only to buy tings from the company.

by Bonz1957, 2 Feb 2013

do they acc send out the items you order?

by danielm32, 4 months ago

There is nothing on the internet to suggest they don't send out what you order, just that you have a limited choice of poor quality products.

by Bonz1957, 4 months ago
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Can u buy items online from amazon using your freedom choice card

by Caroline26, 7 Apr 2013

Don't think so, it's not a proper credit card. Read the link I posted above.

by Bonz1957, 7 Apr 2013

can I use asda or saisbury or argos

by amanju, 14 Oct 2013

Hi amanju. If you are asking if you can use the Choice card in Asda or Argos then No. It is NOT a credit card, it is just a card that allows you to buy items from an online catalogue.

by Bonz1957, 14 Oct 2013

hi you talking about which company which online because still am no use it now can you give me some information thank u

by amanju, 14 Oct 2013

As you asked your question in one about the Choice Freedom card I assumed that was the card you were asking about. If not then exactly what is your question???

by Bonz1957, 14 Oct 2013

which online accepted choice freedom platinum because iam not using b for

by amanju, 14 Oct 2013

It can ONLY be used at
You can login with your card number using the link below:

by Bonz1957, 14 Oct 2013
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