Madison finance ? have you heard of them ?

by , 23 Jan 2013


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Hi unswor
Suggest you do a quick Google search on them and make up your own mind!!
BEWARE of companies that want you to pay money upfront for a loan. You may well end up out of pocket and with no loan.

by Bonz1957, 23 Jan 2013

Hi Bonz1957 i have already google searched and nothing came up except t & c . they are asking for a fee of £3.57p . Admin fee. Nothing else.

by unswor, 23 Jan 2013

Did you contact them or did they cold call you? This fee is just for them to look at your case. If successful they will charge you an APR of 299%!!! Just be aware of what you are getting into.

by Bonz1957, 23 Jan 2013

I payed them the 3 pounds to process my application, they said I would get a decision within 6 hours, 12 hours later and I'm still waiting on a decision.

by chaosblack45, 9 Feb 2013

Thank the lord that these loans will soon come under the remit of the financial regulators!

Did anyo e hear back from madison finance

by dean_h, 3 Jan 2014

The Company was dissolved in Oct 2012, so whatever you are paying is just a scam...beware!

by richar52, 20 Feb 2014
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Did anyone hear back from madison finance thinking of applying

by dean_h, 3 Jan 2014

I got asked to pay £3.57 in admin costs do they exist at all or have I wasted my money will someone please clarify this cheers

by e909, 12 Apr 2014

they offered me 500 ho do I get this amount

by shelly24, 5 months ago

Reading all these comments shelly I would not bother.
Send your bank details .... then worry .No thanks !

by martini97, 5 months ago
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