what is choice freedom? is it a credit card if so where is my pin number

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Hi, William, and welcome to the Forum

Could you give us some more detail.please, so that we may help you?

by Feline123, 4 Nov 2012

OMG I did the same and signed up and paid for this complete load of rubbish. Got my card OK but do you think I could actually use it - NADA! I was SO angry - I rang them and spent 5 minutes (which doesn't sound long) but when you repeatedly ask for a full refund and cancellation of your membership approx 10 times in that timescale with the person youre speaking to completely ignoring you and trying every marketing tool in the book is EXTREMELY annoying. I managed to stay polite though and was eventually put through to the credit department and this lady THEN started to try the same tactics and so I had to shout and say enough of the marketing rubbish just refund - the line went very quiet and she then refunded me - STAY CLEAR - UTTER UTTER RUBBISH

by lauras66, 1 month ago

Av just joined aswell a couple ov days ago how do I cancel

by mandyg16, 4 weeks ago

mandyg16 ring them on 0808 234 0355 tell them you want to cancel with immediate effect,they may offer you a credit increase to try and keep you as a customer,please refuse any offers they may make to you and tell them you will report them to the police they will soon back down if you say that to them good luck please let us know how you get on ok

by talis54, 4 weeks ago

Thanx to all you guys 4 writing in was just about to sign up.. Thank god 4 decent honest people out there.

by alliso63, 4 weeks ago

your welcome alliso63 and thank god you found this site before signing up

by talis54, 3 weeks ago

I did sign up, but never received my card. Looking how contact them came across this page...... Thank god, what a con everything you said from increasing credit limit, offered £10 refund wanted to let me know about there discount site but very adamant that I wanted to cancel and get a refund which they agreed after at least 20min hard sell. Fingers crossed now that I get my money back. I did have to quote the small print which says a total refund if you cancel within a 30 day period they had no reply after that........good luck everyone else.

by jackie211, 3 weeks ago

Well jackie211 as they say thank god for small mercies, at least you are getting a refund but can take anywhere between 3/5 working days good luck

by talis54, 2 weeks ago

This is a total scam I thought I was signing up for a credit card instead I received a stupid card that cannot be used in any shop. I requested my money back and was told I could only get back £10 out of the £30 they took out of my account. Do not sign up to this card its a rip off.

by karlene27, 2 weeks ago

Hi, karlene27

Get back to them and insist on having a full refund!

by Feline123, 2 weeks ago

hi Karlene27 get in touch with them on 0808 234 0335 and demand a full refund,threaten them with trading standards and the police they will soon back down do NOT under any circumstances accept anything else from them no matter what they say,they will say oh yes well if you stay with us your credit score will increase automatically,but it is lies but good luck come back and let us know how you get on

by talis54, 2 weeks ago

Was just about to apply for this card and thought hang on a min if it sounds to good to be true it usually is then i found this forum needless to say I'm going no further with this scam thanks guys keep up the good work...........

by stan1961, 1 week ago

Great news, stan1961. Welcome to the forum!

by Feline123, 1 week ago

A big thank you also to everyone for their honest reviews. i only got as far as my email and postcode before i decided to check them out.. shocking how they can get away with scamming people ,,,,, thanks again

by annjohn10, 6 days ago

annjohn10 your very welcome,if it helps people from getting scammed from there hard earned cash then better in your pocket that theirs to be honest with you,they just make people so angry,so glad you checked it out first.

by talis54, 6 days ago

Was just about to sign up and found this forum. What a con glad i stoped myself. Thanks for the advice. John from ealing

by johnmon17, 6 days ago

Glad you found us, John!

by Feline123, 6 days ago

THE CORRECT NUMBER IS 0808 234 0335! the number with 0355 at the end is not Choice Freedom, do not call it!

by alidda, 6 days ago

yes alidda I have put that number up along with the number for the internet fraud team as well which is 0300 123 2040,this is run by the police who investigate all matters of internet fraud,they then investigate these companies and see if they have or are committing an offence,so far they have been unable to stop this company from operating as they state in there t&c that they are covered and guided under the UK laws despite operating from the U.S. where unfortunately they have NO restrictions or guide lines under the monetary organisation, so unfortunately unless they cross the lines in some way here they CANNOT be shut down,I am sorry to say this but all people can do is be aware of these kind of companies,but should you fall foul of them all you can do at the end of the day is ring them up and cancel and demand a refund ASAP,there is also a sister company called Fresh Start that you should be aware of.at the end of the day all you can do is check them out FIRST please before falling foul of scam artist like these,if in doubt phone your local ombudsman who's number is available online as well as all other precautions,please take care above all,these people are only after YOUR hard earned money,thanks

by talis54, 5 days ago

thank god for this forum- i was hovering over the sign up link and then thought- hang on, no credit checks? no employment checks ?? this can`t be right- and lo and behold- it`s not ! Thankyou for saving me from signing up to this scam !

by lynn2605, 4 days ago

Welcome to the forum, lynn2605. So glad we were od help.

by Feline123, 4 days ago

so glad to help Lynn2605 and so very happy that you didn't sign up with these people,please also be aware of Fresh Start who is the sister company,they offer more credit with lower monthly subscriptions but it is still a scam

by talis54, 4 days ago
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Hi william75, and welcome to the forum.

As far as I can tell, the Choice Freedom card isn't a credit card, it's a membership card offering a line of credit that you can only use at an online shop at this website...choicefreedomoutlet.co.uk.

by fruitcake, 4 Nov 2012

Fantastic to see all this info..what an excellent forum..I will steer clear of the card..!!

by MikeyJ, 29 Aug 2013

Welcome, MikeyJ, glad to hear you're finding the forum helpful! :-)

I think this thread has saved a few people from an unpleasant surprise!

by fruitcake, 29 Aug 2013

hi I have been trying to shop at mark & spencer and asda but they dont accept it. Is there other way to shop about using this card choice freedom platinum .

by lhetty, 3 months ago

no chance ihetty sorry you can only use it on there website only,if you look at it,there is no visa hologram on it and you can not use it to withdraw cash either,as there is no chip on the card that should hold all your details,best thing you can do with this card,is ring them up cancel it and get your money back,once you have done that then bin the card once you have cut it up,sorry but you have been mislead as this is NOT a credit card at all

by talis54, 3 months ago

Hi...i have been conned by these people aswell-they have taken £30 from my bank account through their TOTALLY misleading ad...you say call & get your money back-but how ??!!....each time i call, there is this bogus recorded message with this woman pretending she cant hear you !!??....HELP PLS !!

by nikimac40, 2 months ago

hi i would like 2 no the no: as well please so i can cancel and get my money back!!!! what a scam

by karen23, 2 months ago

nikimac40 and karen23 the phone number I have for them is 0808 234 0335 do NOT let them offer you a credit increase because this is the first thing they offer is to double your line of credit and reduce your monthly payments to £4.99 a month instead,demand them to cancel it as it is NOT and will never ever be a CREDIT CARD as you cannot withdraw cash on it nor can you use it in any shops as it has no visa logo on it,these people are the lowest of the low,you can also report them to the internet fraud office on 0300 123 2040 this is the police that deal with this kind of internet fraud,you can also complain to complaintsform@ombudsman.gov I hope you have success and do NOT take NO for an answer your entitled to a refund as most of the people if not everyone has had one back of them after a little bit of a quibble with them they soon agree to a refund of all charges within 3/5 working days so stick with it please guys and good luck would be nice to hear if you manage to sort it out

by talis54, 2 months ago

please also be aware that there is another firm out there exactly the same as this called Fresh Start nikimac40 and karen23 do NOT touch this either,they may have different names but they are one and the same company ok hope you got through to this company and managed to sort it out

by talis54, 2 months ago

thank you so much 4 ur help x

by karen23, 2 months ago

your more than welcome karen23 hope my advice helped you in someway to resolve the situation

by talis54, 2 months ago

Thought it was a credit card as well how do you cancel? X

by J2941944, 2 months ago

ring them on the number I have provided above j291944 do NOT listen to them as they will try and persuade you to take a credit increase and lower your monthly repayments don't accept this,just demand a cancellation and refund no matter what they say to you,they will try every trick in the book,even so far as to say that "if you stay with them it will improve your credit ratings to get you a decent credit card " this is a lie,it is to try and convince you not to cancel with them,do NOT be fooled by this as it is part and parcel of there scam ring them on 0808 234 0335 and demand a refund and immediate cancellation,they will do this an re credit you with any funds within 3 to 5 working days good luck

by talis54, 2 months ago

Was looking to take out card googled first found your forum. Thanks everyone great job. No loss ere thankfully.

by pbcityfan, 2 months ago

Hi thanks im a newbie to this i applied thinking it was a credit card had not heard from then they took 29 95 from bank no card , have been in touch after 15mins on phone and them keep trying to increase limit and offer me vouchers the said the would send me a full refund into my bank account within 3-5 days watch this space People beware you need to threaten them with police then they act quickly

by stevevi55, 2 months ago

pbcityfan and stevevi55 so pleased you found this forum to be of good news for you both,yes you must never accept what they offer you as they will do and say anything to keep you as a customer,they will even say that if you stay with them it will give you a better credit rating and be beneficial to you when you go to apply for a credit card,please also be aware that there is another company out there that is offering similar things to this card except with a hhigher credit of £2000 they are called FRESH START you have to pay £29.99 then £7.95 a month after for membership offering you breakdown cover for your car and holiday insurance plus £50 vouchers when you sign up,please do NOT sign up with these as they are the same company as this one,they will do or say anything to keep you on as a customer it is a scam don't be fooled,but so happy you found this forum and it helped you in some small way

by talis54, 2 months ago

Whst have I done after recieving this card I decided to investigate just didnt look right so glad I did cancelled it straight away its a massive con stay clear build your credit rating some other way this company should be ashamed trying to hook people into there money making scam glad im out of it anyone else considering dont stop and read this site it will help alot it really woke me up do not apply .

by anngall7, 2 months ago

anngall7 so glad this site helped you and so happy you decided to cancel,and by the sounds of things just in the nick of time,yes it DOESN'T help build your credit ratings at all,even though that is one of the things it promises to do,what they say and what they do are 2 completely different things all together,if you have any problems with this company what so ever then please feel free to read through the posting were you will see a phone number I have posted for email or web scammers,it is to the police who investigate this type of internet fraud,but so happy that you came across this site and took afermative action against this company

by talis54, 2 months ago

so glad i tried to look on their website first before i applied. What a total con this company is. They seem to sell a load of rubbish that you wouldnt want to buy !! stay clear i say x

by chrissi30, 2 months ago

Have just read all the above after receiving my card today! Complete con in my opinion! Not a credit card at all. Trying to fix my credit, this sort of con dose not help! Hope they get closed down and put in prison!

by rikay, 1 month ago

You just saved my girlfriend from making a huge mistake she was just about to complete application for the card before i checked your advice thankyou

by ribertrsblue, 1 month ago

hi ive been conned to as thought it was a credit card. ive tried callin to but no luck!!! how do we get a refund and how do people like this get away with conning people!!!!!!!!

by mikpi, 1 month ago

I'm glad I've found out that it isn't a credit card I haven't put my card details in yet so I should be ok

by declan08, 1 month ago

ribrtsblue so glad this site helped her make the right decision mikpi if you scroll through this site her you will find a phone number that I have put on starting with 0808 to ring them up and demand a refund,thy will do there best to try and keep youand offer you reduced monthly payments and double your credit limit,please do NOT listen to them,you must demand a refund and cancellation of your card,it takes then 3/5 working days for a refund ok good luck,yes declan08 as long as you don't put any credit or debit card details in then they cant take any funds from you just cancel your application,or don't take it any further,they may keep sending you emails,just mark them as spam and ignore them

by talis54, 1 month ago

well well another scam to stay away from thanks guys

by chef007, 1 month ago

your welcome chef007 also stay away from a company going by the name of Fresh Start this is this company as well or part of it under a different name,but still another scam firm.

by talis54, 1 month ago

Yep me conned too, been waiting for my card, and come across this site. rang and there closed for weekend, will try on monday morning, I am trying to restore my credit, getting there slowly, £30 is a lot of money for me and all of us, this makes me so angry, Thanks peeps, made me very dissapointed that it's not a credit card, let you know how i get on.

by Al-zBaby, 1 month ago

Al-zBaby,good luck but all though these people tell you it ill improve your credit rating they never do,I am glad you found this site but please do NOT listen to anything they try to offer you like a credit increase or reduced repayments,just tell them that you ant to cancel your account with immediate effect,it ill then take 3/5 working days for them to refund and funds they have taken from you,you should also stay away from a firm called Fresh Start as they are the same as this company as this with the same offers,no company like this two are worth bothering with they are both scams

by talis54, 1 month ago

I've got a choice freedom card not used it yet I thought I was signing up for a credit card but I took one look at the card and it's just a card with your membership number on it I now know it's not a credit card can you plz help

by djt55u, 1 month ago

djt55u please ring them on 0808 234 0335,please make sure that they cancel your card as they have a bad habit of trying to increase your credit limit stating that it will improve your credit rating if you stay with them,this is a lie,don't believe anything they tell you,demand an immediate cancellation and refund of any payments made to date,they will try every trick in the trade to keep you as a customer do NOT accept them,they are scammers,you will find that there are credit card out there like Luma card or Aqua card who will accept people with poor credit ratings as well as other credit card firms,if you succeed in cancelling this card you will have all refunds within 3/5 working days good lluck

by talis54, 1 month ago

I haven't even received a card. And they've taken 30 quid from my account. So fed up at moment. Left me broke ..cherryb

by there84, 3 weeks ago

there84 please ring them first thing in the morning on 0808 234 0335 tell them that you thought it was a credit card and you have since found out that it isn't and that you want to cancel with immediate effect,please do NOT listen to them as they will try and offer you double your credit limit to keep you as a customer of there and tell you it will help build your credit ratings up,believe you me it doesn't it is a scam,tell them you want to cancel it and demand a full refund of any monies they have taken out of your account,they will tell you it takes 3/5 working days but it is normally 3 days later,but tell them you want to close this account,it is NOT a credit card,it is a line of credit to be used on there website only,the goods you buy there can be bought cheaper at Poundstretcher,Primark or Factory Shop,as it costs you more in delivery charges which you have to pay on a separate card like credit or debit card and it can be up to 3 times more than the item you have bought,so by all means please ring them on the number I have provided and demand a refund,but in the end I can only offer advice it is up to you but that is the contact number for them and good luck,don't listen to anything else they have to offer you,the subscription is for stuff you already get on the N.H.S. or with your normal car insurance,any credit card company will NOT charge you for a credit card at all only scammers like this or another sister company called Fresh Start they are the same so stay away from them as well once again good luck

by talis54, 3 weeks ago

I too was led to believe it was a credit card I then saw this page and rang straight away they tried everything and would not listen when I kept saying I wanted it cancelled until I said I was reporting this company and I have reported it finally they cancelled the card and said I would get refund thank god I saw this page thank you

by jackie25, 3 weeks ago

Good result, jackie25, glad you saw it. Welcome to the forum, by the way.

by fruitcake, 3 weeks ago

I've had one of these cards for about 6 months , there taking £14.99 a month that I didn't know about until I checked my digital banking , can I get a refund for these payments. , also what is it that I'm paying for ??? Does anyone know please x Leanne

by leela1, 3 weeks ago

Leela I think you have left it too late hun am not too sure, but you can try with them and see if they will now let you cancel, because you were unaware of monthly payments you can ring them on 0808 234 0335 see what they say if they do cancel you want all monies taken from you for the last 6 months re embursed to you and your subscription cancelled please be aware that they may offer you an increase in credit in order to stay with them and moreso because you have been using this card already but good luck, there is no harm in trying to cancel

by talis54, 2 weeks ago

I have just cancelled my card....they did try and make all the excuses under the sun to get me to stay, but I was having none of it..... they have since cancelled it and are giving me a refund....I hope I get the refund after this.... I threatened them with the fraud squad.....thank you for warning me guys before it was too late.

by kjack2, 2 weeks ago

Hi kjack2, and welcome to the forum.

Well done! Come back and let us know if you get your refund.

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

thank people! i just read all ur comments about this card,i got the same card which i thort it was a credit card,when i got it and saw it not a credit card i was very angry and now im goner call them and get the refund!!

by aynulh, 2 weeks ago

Hi aynulh, and welcome to the forum.

Good luck, make sure you insist on nothing less, and then come back and tell us when you've got your refund.

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

good luck aynulh, there phone number you need is 0808 234 0335 demand a full refund,do NOT accept any of the offers they will try and give you to keep you as a client they will try every trick in the book including to say that it will affect your credit scoring if you don't stay with them,this tricks are all lies,it will take between 3/5 working days to receive your refund but you should get it all once again good luck

by talis54, 2 weeks ago

Good advice, talis54. :-)

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

I was going to sign up as I thought it was a credit card ...but then I read it again and it does tell u it's not and u can only use it on there own website ...still a big con ..

by michell22, 2 weeks ago

Yes, it does do that, michell22, but apparently people can't see what the website sells until after they've signed up, and you're right, it's still a big con.

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

michell22, yes on there website which you cannot access until you become a member,only then do you see that it is a con and not until, my sister has had about 4 text messages of them this week,she had applied for a loan and they offered her a loan,she went online they refused her the loan but told her on the phone that she qualified for A CREDIT CARD worth £750,she has only told me this today,she said she would think about it,she has since had 3 more text messages with the last one about 11pm offering her 1 for £1500,but she has to stay with them for a year,she rung me and I told her DO NOT sign up for it,it's a scam,thank God she hadn't signed up for it already,so yes they told her it was a credit card,NOT a line of credit to be used in there website shop only,they are trying every dirty trick in the book at the moment to get and keep new clients,I don't think it's working and I for one would be very pleased if they were forced to shut up shop and go back to America where they came from in the first place.

by talis54, 1 week ago
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thanks folks

by william75, 5 Nov 2012

You're welcome, william75... :-)

by fruitcake, 5 Nov 2012

what is freedom card

by gdamoa, 3 months ago

it is an online card with credit to be used in there website only gdamoa it is a scam please don't touch them they are not worth it as you would see reading through the comments placed on here leave them alone you will just keep getting ripped of with them all the time please read the comments on this thread will save you time and money

by talis54, 2 months ago
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i have just found ouy to my cost that this is a total scam ittold me i would get 750 credit to spend in there store online but after paying th fee it then directs you to a site were you re now eligible to get money of medical procedures dentist ect please do not pay them any money cant belive i just fell for this am gutted

by susanb66, 13 Nov 2012

Can you let me know what they sell once your account is activated please. And if its really worth joining it

by jonbel, 20 Nov 2012

It's a scam I've got a card instruct your bank not to pay them and tell Choice Freedom that your doing this and if not used get your money back

by djt55u, 1 month ago

Hi All, this so called company are just preying on the already vunerable, do not be sucked in it will only cost you money, as I have discovered to my cost.

by wendymu62, 4 weeks ago

hi endymu62 I hope you got a refund from this company you should have done if not let us know and we will provide details of how to get one back from them,they shouldn't be allowed to prey on vulnerable people like you

by talis54, 3 weeks ago
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I did the same. I phoned them and emailed them and they said my account for on,one shopping would be up and running in 7 working days. I will let you know the outcome

by jonbel, 20 Nov 2012

hi thanks I havnt heard a thing of them since I paid will let you no if I hear anything

by susanb66, 21 Nov 2012

I can now access the site. All I can say is "RIP OFF". After I complained because I couldnt access the site they increased my credit limit to £1500 and gave me £60 off my first order. All the goods on the site are like something from a Pound Shop. I feel so so stupid to signing up to this and paying a memebrship fee., I have emailed for a full refund so I will keep you informed

by jonbel, 28 Nov 2012

Thanks for letting the forum know about this, jonbel, sounds like a 'rip off' indeed!

by fruitcake, 28 Nov 2012

I have fallen for this too, thinking it was a credit card. Does anyone know an e-mail address for them to ask for a refund please

by tracya62, 4 Dec 2012

I phoned them and they refunded my money straight away

by jonbel, 4 Dec 2012

Phone them and they will give you the refund

by jonbel, 4 Dec 2012

i just done it to

by kipper32, 4 Dec 2012

i waited 4 weeks cant log on how do i get my money back

by kipper32, 4 Dec 2012

I phoned them and they refunded straight away. I would urge anyone not to sign up to this, they have limited items and the items they do sell are cheap items that you would find on the market or in pound shops

by jonbel, 5 Dec 2012

Very helpful info, jonbel, thanks, and glad you got your refund. :-)

by fruitcake, 5 Dec 2012

I NEARLY signed up for this until I did a little research and have read all your various remarks. Thanks guys. These so&so people should be shot!! Like you traceya62,I too thought it was a credit card.

by aggers, 6 Dec 2012

Yes I signed up too! I received my card, which was so flimsy & have no pin no. Have access to their expensive pound shop goods & half of the items are not in stock! As for the medical professionals who I can obtain discounts from are really expensive. £144.00 for a filling! Not when I was quoted £40.00 from my dentist. Not sure what their incentives are, but a total waste of their time and mine!

by Bella-phoenix, 18 Dec 2012

middle of october i signed up waited 14 days for a card, nothing rang them said wanted to cancel but go,t we will increase credit limit, told em site was rubbish wanted refund guess what,.got nothing,what a scam this was they want 14.99 a month for a card that never arrived and the goods are rubbish i agree with whoever said poundland do better and i dont have to pay the stupid high price for delivery, scammmmmmmmmmmmmmm

by jamg59, 27 Dec 2012

Yeah i was close to
signing up too but i smelt a rat and did some detective work haha. After reading your comments it confirmed my suspicions. thanks folks & hope you all got your money back from those dodgey dealing scumbags. NancyL

by nancyl, 28 Feb 2013

thanks guys you saved me time and money i really hope you all get your money back

by dunstanuk, 28 Feb 2013

I nearly signed up. Got to the point where you fill in debit card details then decided to google it and came across you folks, thanks for the advice I wont be signing up !!

by keiths73, 10 Apr 2013

companies like this just pray on people who are desperate for credit. The government should step in and bring these conmen to justice and close down these type of websites

by stevem51, 12 Apr 2013

Thanks, you just saved me some money I didnt have in the first place. What a scam, again thanks.

by shadylady65, 17 Apr 2013

wow was jus about to sign up when i got to the debit card bit and then read on. when it said that they would be taking a 315 vaildation fee plus £14.95 EVERY month i went straight tro google

thanks everyone

by QueenE, 18 Apr 2013

well i am sure glad i saw this site as i got an email through from them the other weeks saying congratulations your new card will be with you soon,i must admit this was a surprise to me as i have never applied for one,i have been trying to ring them unsuccessfully for the last 2 weeks,the new card arrived today and i instantly knew this was not a credit card as stated in my email as it has no visa hologramme on it for a starter and no pin number with it,i did however finally manage to get through to them today and i told them that this had been obtained fraudulently as i had never applied for one they stated it would be cancelled immediately and that they would refund my debit card with a payment they had already taken which again was news to me,when i queried them further as to what this card was for and was told it was to purchase goods on there website,as to which i said "in other words it is a scam" she said "no it is for people with bad credit so they can build there credit raitings back up" to which i replied "in other words it's a scam and you are nothing but scammers" then i promptly hung up and have since reported this site to my local trading standards office who have stated they are going to look into this website,so please i suggest that you all do the same thing and report them to your local trading standards office of fair trading,that way they might get shut down,also when searching for this site you will come across a site advisor page that states although this company may seem it is operating within the U.K they are almost certainly operating from the United States and therefore advise you against visiting this site as it may harm your computer by doing so,mean while choice freedom have stated that they will refund my debit card within the next 3 to 5 working days,i will wait and see if that happens and will keep you informed,but please be aware that people like this pray on vunerable people that are needing credit or rebuild there credit history,if that is the case then go to capital one who have a luma credit card with a no interest charge and a minimum start up of £200 and as long as you pay your balance every month then after 3 mths they extend your credit limit but you can always opt out of increasing your credit limit if you so wish and like i alread stated this card comes with NO interest charges what so ever

by talis54, 26 Apr 2013

i have jst signed up with them, but haven,t made a purchase. dnt think al nt be buying anything. i had 2 pay £29.95 joining fee. nt very happy after reading some of the comments. think al be trying 2 get my money back!!! :-(

by 27662, 27 Apr 2013

Good luck, 27662, let us know how you get on.

by fruitcake, 27 Apr 2013

well guys surfice to say once i told them i had reported them to my local trading standard i have received my refund within 3 working days so good luck to you all,demand a refund and do not accept a credit increase at all costs,and please DO report them to your local trading standards officers as last year this company under a different name was closed down and this company needs to be closed down as well and the sooner the better then they cannot scam any one else

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013

well 27662 i would be getting my money back if i were you,firstly you cannot log on when you get your card,my friend had 1 and when she showed me the site and what they sold you can buy better in b&m or home&bargains even pound land and it wont cost you 3/4 times it's value in shipping and delivery costs,this firm is from the U.S.A. so have of there goods are from a cheap store called wallmart or the equivelant and it is a rip of in pounland at the moment hanging baskets are £3.49p on this site they are £6.50 with a delivery charge of £10 so it doesn't make any sense as to why someone would even think of using this site they are just theives hiding behing the name of a credit card that doesn't even have the sign of the visa on it so it has NO legal rights to call it's self a CREDIT CARD because it is NOT A CREDIT CARD at all

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013

Threaten these with the trading standards and ombudsman they offered to lower my fee to £4.95 and give me £50 voucher they are snakes !

by tomel, 9 Jul 2013

tomel do that any way especially to ombudsman as they are in the middle of investigating this firm any way,i got my refund within 3 days,they do not like people getting ripped off no matter who it is by,but ring them back and demand a refund,there terms and conditions state that provided you ask for a refund within 14 days of signing up they will refund what ever you have paid for your card

by talis54, 9 Jul 2013

me too i got to the debit card details bit and did research "SCAM"

by fedupa, 10 Aug 2013

Yes, I got conned too, they took another £4.95 out of my bank account after I had cancelled with them, be careful.

by dawna85, 25 Sep 2013

Had you cancelled the direct debit with your bank dawna85? If this was done before the date it was taken, your bank should refund the money to you straight away. Otherwise I suggest that you cancel it as soon as possible with your bank. Some may offer the facility to do this on line, but if not they will accept a telephone instruction and may ask you to confirm it in writing. Make a note of the name, position of the person you are talking to and the date, time of the call. This will help with any further problems.

by Loopydo, 5 Oct 2013

I too have just received this card.They have taken 3 payments of £29.95 out of my account so far. I phoned op yesterday and they denied it was them who had taken the money even though i went to my bank and got a printed statement. When i mentioned tis they still denied it so i said that if they did deny it my bank said they would get the fraud team to look into it and the lady i spoke to hung up on me when i said that. I think that says it all really. Gonna way try to log into my account again c if i get anywhwere.

by andre73, 5 Oct 2013

hi Andre73 if you look on there web page you will see an adress for this country,photocopy your bank statement and send it to them by recorded delivery ONLY,also enclose a letter telling them that you are giving them 14 days from the date of the letter (which you must also keep a copy of) to refund you these and all payments taken from your account and that you wish to cancel if this is the case your account with them taking immediate effect,from the date of your letter,also inform them that you are reporting them to your local ombudsman which you are free to do so as well to intervene on your behalf and tell them you are also forwarding all the relevant details to your ombudsman,but give them only 14 days to respond,which under the sale of goods act 1979 you are entitled to do,stating what date and time these events happened do NOT under any circumstances let them have your original copy from the bank,make sure it is only a photo copy,at least then you have them by the short and curlies so to speak,tell them you are also reporting it to the police,which you can also do as this is also classed as theft as it has been done without your authorisation,as you may have authorised them to take it once but not 3 times,then send it by recorded delivery and make sure they receive it before 12 noon the following day,yes it may cost you to do it this way,but at least you know they will have it by the following day,then wait the 14 days to see if you have any come back or progress from them,then if not phone your local ombudsman and tell them what has happened and what you have done to rectify the matter,and then also ring your local police and report them for theft from your bank account and let the bank investigate them for fraud,under no circumstances must you ring them again,as this has already proved they are not prepared to take the blame,go this route first and wait and see what happens,but you must also keep a duplicate of any and all communications you have with them,as this will prove usfull should you need to take further action if at the end of 14 days they haven't responded in anyway at all,please let me know how you get on with this method,and please do NOT settle for a credit increase as is there usual answer of late to anyone who complains about them,in the meantime secure the phone number to your local ombudsman just in case you need to ring them at the end of 14 days,if you ring them now they will only re-iterate what i have just informed you all to do already take care Talis

by talis54, 16 Oct 2013

Andre73 the address you need for your ombudsman and they will get back to you via email or if you ask them to ring you this is what you need complaintform@ombudsmanservices.org,please write to these people and send them any copies that you have for this incident ok talis54

by talis54, 16 Oct 2013

why are these companies allowed to trade we must stop these as innocent people are targeted everyday with these scams its not right

by skipper17, 5 months ago

skipper17,I couldn't agree with you more,which is why i furnished this site yesterday with details into forwarding any and all contact from this company to there local ombudsman so that they in turn can investigate these companies and with luck furnish the police with these reports so that the online fraud action team that has just been set up recently can target and shut down people like this,with an immediate effect,just like they did last year,only then they went under a different name,but it still used and gave all the information out that they are giving this year,and if enough people report and stand up to places like this then they can be shut down

by talis54, 5 months ago

I signed up today believing I was getting a credit card. I was told they would send a email but none arrived. Can anyone advise me how to contact them to cancel. They phoned me on my mobile. I would be grateful for more infomation. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to make expensive phone calls. Is there an email address?

by supergran9, 5 months ago

hi supergran9 if you look on there website you will see that there is a phone number to them,also ring your bank and put a stop to any payment from them to this company,tell them what has happened and that you were told over the phone that it was a credit card and you have since found out that it is a scam,if your bank is decent they will refund your monies straight away,if not ring this company up and tell them that you were informed that it was a credit card and have since found out that it isn't and you wish to cancel your agreement with them straight away,or you can ring them there number is 0808 234 0335,there email address is memberservices@choicefreedomcard.co.uk I would mark any and all emails as URGENT IMPORTANT ,it may be the only way of getting through to themif this fails report it to the police and tell them you were lied to on the phone and conned by someone telling you it was a credit card when infact it isn't and good luck,please let us know what happens

by talis54, 5 months ago

thanks for the good advice got my card today and cancelled over phone, they offered to increase my credit limit to 1500 and give me 50 off first order, stay the course insist on refund and cancellation of card.

by tytay, 4 months ago

Tytay good luck and stay the distance to demand a refund do not let thempush you into agreeing to a higher credit limit, it is just a ruse to keep you as a client, just because they are loosing clients now that have finaly realised it is all a SCAM.

by talis54, 4 months ago

I have just read all your comments and phone straight away to cancel, they took the only out on my account on 24 nob and still no card, called to cancel and they offered me all sorts so glad I read this page

by peach2, 4 months ago

me like a fool that i am i done it on wednesday and they taken £29.95p out of my account as well phoned them yesterday to cancel and get my money back after an arguement with them they sed i will get my refund bak in 3 to 5 working days i will wait and see

by megwee, 4 months ago

peach2 and megwee so glad you found this page so helpful and there is no reason why they will not give you a refund yes they do try everything and anything to get you to keep your account with them and even more so at this time of year when they know that money is tight,when people will be looking for credit cards and loans and are very vulnerable please feel free to report them to action fraud team on the number I have given already

by talis54, 4 months ago

Applied for the card this afternoon and then realised it wasn't a proper credit card so phoned them straight away and yep something tried to double my credit limit and was doing everything they could to get me to stay!! So I told them no I want to cancel card as it isn't a credit card and demanded a refund and was told I would get it in 3 to 5 work in days!! I am angry with myself for being fooled by this I am also going to hey new debit card from my bank and cancel exsisting card as they have these details!! Once trfund has gone back on my card That way they can't take any more fees from my card

by Suzym, 3 months ago

suzym,yes that is the best thing to do they can still put a refund on your old card,they just cant take any monies of that card once it has been cancelled,and yes that is a nasty habit of there's trying to double your credit limit rather than refunding the charge they have taken,you did good to stick to your guns and demand a refund,good on you

by talis54, 3 months ago
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DO NOT deal with these people.It's nithing more than a scam.No credit card-no well virtually no nothing.You have to buy goods online from them and nobody else. Please everybody,don't fall for it.

by aggers, 27 Dec 2012

I really should have red this first. I signed up to choice freedom about a week ago, thinking it was for a credit card or some kind of credit, which im guessing now is wrong. I did ring up to ask, they said it makes your credit rating better, as when they give you a amount of line of credit (750.00) and if you keep up to date with the repayments for the items you brought from their online store, it will increase your credit rating, i did tell my partner this and he said it sounds like a scam, i did ask for a reund and they increased my limit to 1500 and added 50.00 to my account to spend for free. I am now wating for my card to come, if it does not come whitin 14 days, i will defo be asking for a full refund.

by ksatch, 12 Jan 2013

i would be asking for a refund as i did even my trading standards officers have stated it is a scam and they are looking into it and are looking up and down the country to see how many complaints they have had and to see if they can get the uk website shut down as they pop up every now and again under different names there was one last year that was out but had a different name to it and it was offering exactly the same thing as this one is it is 100% a SCAM

by talis54, 26 Apr 2013

please I really don't think we are interested in that on here as these cards are a scam and if you had read through all of this thread you would have seen how many people have already been done by these kind of people so I don't think your post is very helpful to anyone on this site nor is advertising a card that we already know about and are complaining about,what you do with your card is your buisness but I don't think it is fair of you to not only advertise but to promote and give your phone number on here is rediculous,so I would and I think other would agree that you do NOT post these kind of comments on here they are NOT useful thank you

by talis54, 2 months ago
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Its a con they took my money as well then when rhe card came its not a credit card at all

by davidst83, 28 Jan 2013

I cancelled and asked for a refund and its been 2 weeks and still no refund, i rang them today and they said they cant do anything as their systems are showing as its been refunded. Totally scam.

by ksatch, 28 Jan 2013

U dnt get one its your post code so they say its a con

by davidst83, 28 Jan 2013

The card is actually not a scam. Read the terms of agreement! How can people be so stupid? Before you apply it tells you 3 times it is used solely at the website. It builds credit. I keep mine open and its already building my credit!

by lemis, 29 Jan 2013

well all i can say to that one lemis is your the fool if your prepared to pay £15 a month for a card that sells CRAP ITEMS and then has the cheek to ask you too pay 10 TIMES more for delivery costs then you really are stupid it is a scam of the worst kind that picks at the young and vunerable people,in the add it states it IS A CREDIT CARD to help you rebuild your credit,i have it on the best authority that that alone is liabelous because of the way it is written,and i for one would definately be checking my credit status every month to see what my status was as regards my credit,becuase i doubt that scammers like this keep up to there end of the bargain at all

by talis54, 26 Apr 2013

i would also be careful of your statements as they are also prone to liable laws especially when you insult people and call them stupid when all along it is you who are dumb even taking a card out like this

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013

talis54 look at your comment calling them dumb but yet telling them to not to insult people.
Stop acting as if you are a lawyer or solicitor as I am and its freedom of speech and not libel
On a side note this co are NOT a scam but they are very expensive and pray on the vulnerable like provident and the likes. but they do clearly state their fees etc.. in their terms its just people do not bother to read them as soon as they see credit limit etc..

by MGSSniper, 11 Oct 2013

MGSSniper oh wow a solicitor are you no I am a lawyer well actually a BARRISTER,I haven't called anyone dumb at all if you read it right i said don't call me dumb and a comment like that to me or anyone else using this site does come into libel laws if your a solicitor you should now that,and yes the ombudsman has had sufficient complaints about this company now and so have the police,they are not based in the U.K. they are based in the U.S. and think they can bypass our laws of the trading standards act of 1979,they rung an old lady up last week and told her it was a credit card they were offering as they have done with quite a few people I know were i live,they are not allowed to ask for fee for a credit card or any other card,even if it is to use therewwebsite,which we have looked at and i can tell you now i would advise anyone in there right mind to steer clear of any firm like this,only last year we got a similar firm shut down and they were using the same practice as these,I also notice that you have used my quote above stating that they prey on the vulnerable and they are a SCAM OUTFIT,and that i will standby,thank you please DO NOT BOTHER TO REPLY.

by talis54, 5 months ago

Hi have payments taken out every month £14,95 by choice bank said it is a subscription thats paid to Mauritaus what a pain

by whitem19, 4 months ago

get your subscription stopped as soon as whitem19 please and report them as this is credit card fraud if you look further down this form you will see a phone number for online fraud which is 0300 123 2040 which is a new phone number for the police who are investigating online fraud,any credit card company will not take monthly subscriptions from you or charge you for a credit card,so report them as soon as and then ring choice freedom up and tell them you want your subscriptions repaid and stopped if that's what you want to do

by talis54, 4 months ago

So glad I didn't sign up, I was going to then as they asked me for my credit card details and thats when I turned into Mr t and I was like... (mr t's voice) "I pitty fool who trys to scam me, and I hope the company is in the uk cos I aint getting on no plane fool'

by mike11, 3 months ago

I recently signed with them am gutted I called them to cancel me I said if they don't I take it further so hope they will bloody scamm they said we double fro 750 to15000 I said no and said it helps you credit score they just full of lies

by jamaku, 2 months ago

jamaku don't accept any credit increase of them what so ever stick to your guns and tell them demand a full refund of any payments they have already taken and yes your right they do tell lies to keep there customers it doesn't help your credit score at all if nothing quite the opposite as they sell all your credit details on to other people

by talis54, 2 months ago
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Please anybody wishing to apply for the Freedom card-FORGET IT. IT IS NOTHING FAR SHORT OF A SCAM!!!! You don't get a pin number,it is jot a credit card.Yes=you get a limit of £750 which has to be spent wih them-online-and it's as gaood as a £1.00 shop.Please guys,don't waste your money

by aggers, 30 Jan 2013

Its true, everything on that site must have been brought from poundland and you pay nore for shipping then the actual item.

by ksatch, 30 Jan 2013

I'm with Lemis!!.. If all you mugs are prepared to sign up for something (when you don't even know what it is!!) and part with your hard-earned money, try reading the T&C's (that's what they are there for!!!)... At "NO" point does it say you can use the card for anything other than shopping from their website.. You can check out the sort of goods they sell and if you don't think they are worth buying, "THEN DON'T BOTHER"!!!... It's not Rocket Science!!!...

by brian911, 8 Feb 2013

actually no you cant check out the goods they sell till you have signed up and no were does it tell you you have to pay delivery charges more than the goods cost

by susanb66, 21 Mar 2013

correct susan and brian you need to get your facts right because even when i received the card before i cancelled it i could NOT even log onto there website with my card number so therefore was unable to see what TAT it sold because reading the comments on here that is exactly what it sells better of sticking with the pound shop or home and bargains then this site,who are nothing but scammers,so yes it is ROCKET SCIENCE and you are a MORANIC IMBICILE if you think any thing else

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013

Some people need to get a life, I have had this sent to me a load of times asking me to join, it does not say anywhere in my emails anything about spending money on a website. it states want 750 pound credit on a CREDIT CARD not STORE CARD @ Brian

by firefl57, 5 Aug 2013

Can I just say a big THANKYOU to this site cos I was gonna sign up but won't be doing so now

by wisey81, 5 months ago

Wisey81 your most welcome, glad you found this site useful to you

by talis54, 5 months ago

I have just signed up for this card and paid 30.00 for the privilege I wish I had read these comments first.

by ironmaiden, 5 months ago

ironmaiden please ring them first thing in the morning and ask them for a refund,explain that you have had a change of heart by stating that you thought it was a CREDIT CARD and you have since found out that it isn't that way they should give you a refund within 3 to 4 days,I just wished people would report this company to there local ombudsman,that way we could get this company closed down once and for all,because now that xmas is coming they are going to try and take as much advantage as they possibly can out of vunerable people,and credit card companies do not charge for you to have a credit card at all,please read all my previous comments and you will see a phone number and email address for them,I hope you get your refund from them,just be adamant with them as they have offered an increase in credit to others who have tried to cancel in the past,please make sure that you tell them that you want to cancel your application NOT an increase,hope you are successful

by talis54, 5 months ago

ditto on the "been had"...lol... wife got one out(card)and I have just looked at it and phoned them straight away...the did the up n up bit..oh..and reduced monthly fee's to £4.95..!!!!! but agreed an refund.....hmmm....lets see !!

by gary_t15, 4 months ago

Good on you gary_t15 for doing the research on it straight away, theyshould give you a refund normally within 3 too 4 working days, they willtry anyy trick in the book to keep you as a customer, but you are well within your rights to aask for a full refund and to cancel the application, you have to be so careful well everyone has to be especially now on the lead up for to xmas,

by talis54, 4 months ago

Hi My bank is going to sort mine chargeing me £14.95 a month they are going to cancel and get refund for me Barclays

by whitem19, 4 months ago
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YOu cant check out the goods they are selling until you have signed up for it

by jonbel, 28 Feb 2013

Just add me to the list of being had ,,,,,,, going to get refund oh boy you better believe it

by chillb, 5 Mar 2013

I read the terms and conditions and noticed it wasn't a credit card whith everything always read the tnc but I'm happy with it to build my credit rating

by mazmaz333, 20 Mar 2013

well you may be prepared to pay £15 a month to a bunch of scammers but you will soon find out to your detriment mazmaz that all they sell is TAT and for that you have to pay extortonate prices for delivery which you have to pay for with a debit card,so all in all it amounts to FRAUD in the biggest sense of the word so good luck building your credit history because that will never happen with companies like this as they are known to pray on the vunerable people,and those who think they can rebuild with scam companies like this one

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013
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Does choice freedom help build your credit rating up

by lisacl, 21 Mar 2013

noooooooooooooo, dont be fooled by this

by jonbel, 21 Mar 2013

choice freedom is a card that lets u shop at there store online and put it on the card but you have to pay a delivery charge for the goods there and then wich in most cases is more than the actual goods cost you have to pay this by debit/credit card before the goods are dispatched the stuff they sell is rubbish u can probably get it in your pound store this is very misleading and a total scam that makes you think you get loads of credit and they charge you 30 pound for the privalige dont get done by this firm i idid and am very annoyed with myself for falling for it

by susanb66, 21 Mar 2013

The site should be taken down and reported i think.

by ksatch, 22 Mar 2013

Could you please activate my card

by emmaos, 10 Apr 2013

May I thank you for your kind co-operation

by emmaos, 10 Apr 2013

Thank you i have been informed by your colleagues that the card has been activated

by emmaos, 10 Apr 2013

yes i can get 100% morgage with bad credit

by emmaos, 10 Apr 2013

Emmaos, as your personal details are visible to anyone here, I have reported the relevant posts to the money.co.uk team who will remove them for you.

by fruitcake, 10 Apr 2013
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Anyone who has applied for this card is obviously in bad debt. Those thinking they applied for a credit card are too stupid and dont read, it clearly tells you you can only use it at thier online shop. READ THE SMALL PRINT!!!! You might not be in debt if you had done before you defaulted on all your other cards.

by olympu5, 13 Apr 2013

well i can tell you now i am NOT in bad credit and NEITHER have i DEFAULTED on any of my cards it actualy states in an email i received that it IS A CREDIT CARD and it is NOT for that alone they become liabolous,we are not stupid they are trying to con the young and vnerable people which is AGAINST THE LAW,my local trading standards office of fair trading and even they state the way they have worded there advert makes it look like you are actually applying for A CREDIT CARD so you must need glasses please do not insult us and call us stupid as you must be if your willing to pay £15 a month for a card and website that sells CRAP and extorts money for delivery charges for there CRAP ITEMS

by talis54, 26 Apr 2013

Oh dear oh dear

by Baggers, 28 Apr 2013
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please please please do NOT sign up for this card it is NOT a credit card as stated it has no visa sign on it and you can NOT withdraw any cash,you can only use it on there website only where they sell TAT,you will find better goods in pound land or b&m or home bargains and with no extortionate delivery prices either,if you want to build your credit up then try applying to capital one for the new luma card,you start of with a credit limit of £200 and NO interest charges what so ever,and provided you make your payments on time they will give you a credit increase,but if you do not want one then you can choose to opt out of future credit increases,plus you get a pin number with it and they don't charge you any fee for having the card,this place is a scam of the worst kind and it actually prays on the young and vunerable that want or need credit please do NOT be fooled with this company and do NOT apply,if you already have 1 and have asked for a refund please note you only have 30 days in which to do so and they are obliged by law to refund you as they did mine within 3 working days,you can also report them to your local trading standards office for the office of fare traiding,the more complaints they have the sooner this site will be closed down,not only that this company operates outside the u.k they are an american based company please be warned it IS A SCAM.

by talis54, 28 Apr 2013

Hi pple, i am new to the site and only found it by searching for info on the freedom choice card.
Many Thanks too all who posted here about the card. due to your info i have not been scammed in the same way.

by trajaykay, 10 May 2013

Hi, trajakay, and welcome.

We try to give support here, and I'm so glad you've found it helpful.

by Feline123, 10 May 2013

thanks Feline 123, thanks for the reply, support was greatly received.
i did read the t&c`s so new it wasn't a credit card, however i was interested in the fact that it may improve my credit rating.
i checked the site and as i couldn't view any products before signing up. i did a google search for any reviews and found this site that way.
I will defo be recommending this site to every1 i know as despite some rude comments on here, you dont have to be stupid to be scammed.

by trajaykay, 10 May 2013

Hi trajaykay, and welcome to the forum.

Good to hear you found this helpful. And, good point re the rude comments etc. :-)

by fruitcake, 10 May 2013

well i have never been rude just straight and honest with people that it is a scam and if people are calling others names like idiots,stupid,and dumb then that's not right,this outfit need to be banned of the u.k websites and the sooner the better just report them they will soon be removed

by talis54, 11 May 2013

I don't think the comments about people being rude were aimed at you, talis54. If you have a read through of the comments by others, you can see some which were rude.

by fruitcake, 11 May 2013

yes i know fruitcake i have read some of them and agree with you that some of the comments are quite rude,i was just hoping that no one thinks mine are rude when i am replying to people that have made some very nasty and rude remarks,and i also think that the more people know that they have the right to report these people to there local trading standers,as to my detriment,i found out too late last year when this company was operating under a different name and it was then £49.95 to join and £25.99 a month there after,and the things they sold on there site i could have got better clothes in primark,i paid for a dress and some shoe's from them which came to just short of £30 and it cost me the same in delivery charges,when they came they looked like they had come from a charity shop,i sent them back and it took me 3 months to get the money refunded,i cancelled my account with them and had to go to the trading standard office in the end as i had exhausted all lines of enquirey to get my fee's back that i had paid them not only to join but also the last 3 months fee's,it took me over 6 months to get all my monies back,i was told by trading standers that this company prays on the vunerable and those wanting to gain a good credit rating,which in there eyes will not happen,because what they do when you make a complaint to them what they do is they extend your credit limit instead of cancelling your card,some people fall for this as they think this is a good thing when it isn't not only that they are not allowed to operate in this country when the company is based in america.so all i ask of people is PLEASE do NOT be taken in by this comapny IT IS FRAUD,AND A SCAM,no credit card company will ask you for a joining fee and a monthly fee there after,and as far as all the cheap medical things they offer you can already get from the N.H.S any way so why would you want to even contemplate this card,and like i have already stated a credit card has a visa hologram on it and also a link on the back and you can make cash with drawals from it,this has neither and you can do neither with it,bar from shopping from there website,which looks like clothes and things that you could probably but cheaper and with no delivery charges in a charity shop,i know i can and have done

by talis54, 13 May 2013

ive just being had,, filed in the forms,, thinking brill, single mum of 3 , holidays for the kids coming up and that will be a huge help,, just hope they dont clean me out,, going to get onto my bank the morning ,, gutted,

by lynndyloo24, 1 Aug 2013
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so glad I checked this out, like some of you I had filled in the details as I thought that it was a credit card, alarm bells rung with a 0.0% APR (they usually have high ones!) but when read about the monthly fee thought I would google, thanks for all of the comments, so sorry some of you are now trying to get money back. As my Nan used to say if it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

by july1962, 13 May 2013

Glad you avoided the scam, july, and welcome to the forum!

by Feline123, 13 May 2013

Nice to know you escaped the trap because you had the sense to check it out properly first. Welcome from me too, july.... :-)

by fruitcake, 13 May 2013

I ave just filled an app out,was about to put my credit card details in and deceided to check them out first and glad i did,THAT WAS SO CLOSE,thanks guys.

by lennyjane18, 24 Jun 2013

Sounds like you had a great escape lennyjane

by Sabre, 24 Jun 2013

Well done, lennyjane, it always pays to check things out first... :-)

Welcome to the forum!

by fruitcake, 24 Jun 2013

You have to be so careful nowadays with everything you are signing for and watch out for any pitfalls.

by Sabre, 24 Jun 2013

Very true, Sabre, good advice.

by fruitcake, 24 Jun 2013

Thanks sis. and a ps. Never sign anything in a hurry it's so easy to be conned. If in doubt google the company and see what other's say like they do when they look at the reviews on the forum and discussions.

by Sabre, 25 Jun 2013

Great to know that the forum is helping some people to avoid being scammed!

by Feline123, 25 Jun 2013

Hopefully people will take notice of all the postings before they ahead with some of these loans, etc.

by Sabre, 25 Jun 2013

Ah, Men, to that, Sis!

by Feline123, 25 Jun 2013

missed "go" ahead etc. Must have eyes tested again !!!

Good luck this week sis x

by Sabre, 25 Jun 2013

Thanks, Sis. It all happens tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes! xx

by Feline123, 25 Jun 2013

Will be thinking of you x

by Sabre, 25 Jun 2013

I know! xxxx

by Feline123, 25 Jun 2013

Bless x

Did you see my posting about Lillie ?

by Sabre, 25 Jun 2013

Dam I have applied for a card still waiting for it to come. I think I will inform my bank not to send anymore payments to them from now and I shall ring them and ask this company for a refund Thanks Guys I wish I knew about this before I appiled

by peterj41, 26 Jun 2013

Probably wise, peterj41, better to know now though, than find out the hard way! Welcome to the forum.... :-)

by fruitcake, 26 Jun 2013

TY Fruitcake :-)

by peterj41, 26 Jun 2013

I have now asked for a refund of my £29.99p membership fee which they said will take 3 days to get to my bank account which was Wednesday I asked for as of yet I have not received it. There is also a internet fraud investigating unit that looks into complaints of this sort of thing I have used them before for something else and seeing as its a States based company even thou they have an UK address in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire there's the link if anyone one else wants to complain about this company Good Luck Guys
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by peterj41, 28 Jun 2013

hi I nave cancelled my membership as I too thought it was a credit card they said they would give me a refund and then sent me an e mail stating I would only get £25.96 rang them threatened them with the police now saying I will get all my money so wait and see.

by peteje, 1 week ago

Good luck, peteje, hope you get a full refund.

by fruitcake, 1 week ago
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i need to cancel my card with freedom choice

by baker6, 5 Jul 2013

Thanks for all the advice. I got very nervous when they asked for my bank details. I have already been scammed once by a US company to my cost and ths has saved me.

by heathe58, 20 Jul 2013

Glad you saw this and wish more people looked into things before just signing on the dotted line

by olympu5, 20 Jul 2013

glad you looked on this site first heathe 58,it was probably the same company as they were operating over here last year under a completely different name,i wish i had seen this site first but i was luck enough to get a refund,if you apply within the first 14 days they have to give you a refund,and that is by law and also stated on there website,do not under any circumstances accept a credit increase or a lower monthly payment as that is what they try and do with people,to try and keep them,demand a refund and tell them you will accept nothing less

by talis54, 26 Jul 2013
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Thanx guys, iv had the email off them and thaught i would just have a wee look at what its all about and uv really helped, Il just put the address as junk and unsubscribe, thanx again, ur comments really do help in the best way possible...

by fayv10, 22 Jul 2013

Hi, fayv10, and welcome.

It's really good when we know we've given useful advice, and it's great to be thanked!!

by Feline123, 22 Jul 2013

Hi fayv10, and welcome to the forum.

Good to hear! :-)

by fruitcake, 23 Jul 2013

Thanx feline123,and fruitcake, this is such a great site, and u all give the people like me (who haven't really got a clue) the confidence to avoid these scams, and know we've got people to talk to, thanx again.

by fayv10, 23 Jul 2013

You're very welcome, fayv10, we all learn as we go along.... :-)

by fruitcake, 23 Jul 2013

And I still find I learn something new pretty much every day, Sis!

by Feline123, 26 Jul 2013

I do too, only problem is I've generally forgotten it again by the next day... :-)

by fruitcake, 27 Jul 2013
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i just received my card today, was very happy then opened it and its NOT a credit card that you can use at check outs or in shops or even at the atm.....gutted aint the word, i rang up straight away to cancel and they raised my credit 1000. but there site with goods for sale look terrible and nw reading all these comments an all think i will be ringing back to get a refund off my 29.95 which i paid!!!!!!!!

by shelin, 26 Jul 2013

Let us know how you get on, shelin.

by Feline123, 26 Jul 2013

Probably a wise move, shelin!

by fruitcake, 26 Jul 2013

yes please do shelin,and if they refuse tell them there terms and conditions state that you CAN cancell any time within the first 14 days of receipt of your card,you can get better goods in primark or a charity shop,and you have to pay with a credit/debit card for delivery of your goods which can be anything up too 3 times the cost of your item,they are just not worth it,this is a scam of there's to increase your credit limit when you ask for a refund,do NOT take NO for an answer,tell them you are reporting them to trading standards and the ombudsman,so they can investigate there terms of practice,they do NOT operate within the laws of our land,only those of the U.S. as that is were they are based,even though they say buckinghamshire u.k.it is very misleading,demand a refund and give them 48hrs in which to do so,many people on here have done and got a refund within 3/4 working days,and that is what your entitled to shelin ok,let us know how you get on with them

by talis54, 26 Jul 2013

I also had the card I can't even get on the site to log in never mind view what they got I think I will b phoning them they took 35pounds off me nothing saying that there was 15 every month I will be phoning tomorrow and demanding a full refund they can keep the stupid card and site x

by welshgirl72, 6 Aug 2013

Let us know how you get on welshgirl.

by Feline123, 6 Aug 2013

welshgirl72 do not be fobbed of with a credit increase which is what they will try and do with you as they did me and if you still have a copy of the original email they sent you to apply for this card then please ring your local police station up who will gladly give you the phone number to the internet fraud officers who are now investigating people like this in the meantime keep a hold of any emails you get from this site and in the next couple of days i will inform you all of the email address to send these emails onto

by talis54, 8 Aug 2013
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I almost signed up, was actually contemplating carrying on, going ahead with finalising the registration but thought I'd do a bit of investigation and I've been saved from being had. In this financial times, absolutely can't afford to lose any more to scammers.. lost 2 grand in one month, seems like they're everywhere and even appearing legitimised and sugar coated like the organisation in question.. It should be advertised as an "Online Store Card" and no indication should be made or expressed implicit or explicit that it is a credit card or purchase card which is not such a bad idea provided that people know "state it where it can be seen, most people don't read the small prints out of sheer eagerness and that is being taken advantage of" I have taken out a store card from argos in the past, and there are standard quality products and the cost of delivery will be deducted from the credit on the store card also, why cant this card do the same instead of having to pay for delivery from a different "direct debit or credit card" -that is where they're looking to keep dragging their money and not to mention the monthly subscription all for the promise of a better credit score which you are not so much guaranteed if they ever shut down like we've heard the case the case of them making new sites under new names when one gets shut down etc, this is a clear indication that it is a scam and the issuance of cards is a waste of resources, because it is online, you cannot physically purchase anything so why do you need a card, just an online login with a letter sent containing necessary info should be sufficient, not that alone, even the conditions of purchase and the context and contents of/purchase is ridiculous... The only place I would be looking to head for items made in indian factories reflecting the said/expressed level of quality would be pound land and I can say pretty much like everyone else here, there is just one down my road so "Thanks but no thanks" :)

by Kitrox, 31 Jul 2013

Good comments, Kitrox, and welcome to the forum. :-)

by fruitcake, 31 Jul 2013

thank you.

by Kitrox, 31 Jul 2013

kitrox you are correct in what you say, last year alone there where that many complaints made to trading standards about this similar company, also from america that they were forced to close down, so your statemnt is correct, because the first think you see in there e, mail is platinum credit card, when in actual it is NOT a credit card at all, it does not have a visa logo on it, and it cannot be used at a cash point, so if you receive one of these emails find out the address of your local trading standards office and forward it to them to investigate, the more complaints they have the sooner they will get closed down so am glad you found this site useful Kitrox, and I hope many more do unfortunately alot of people fall for the first few words in the email Premium Credit Card with no credit checks needed and for those who are on the breadline they think it is what it says, unfortunately it's not

by talis54, 1 Aug 2013

sorry for the late reply. And thanks for your contribution, I appreciate reading your descriptive backing :)

by Kitrox, 5 months ago
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update,, ive just rang them,, although they try to fill you full of rubbish and try to stop you cancelling i have got my refund,, SO BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE

by lynndyloo24, 1 Aug 2013

Well done, lynndyloo, glad you got your refund, and thanks for sharing, as it encourages others to do the same if they want to. Welcome to the forum too.... :-)

by fruitcake, 1 Aug 2013
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I signed up had to pay a 29.98 fee for what I thought was £750 and they have taken another £29.89 out today im fuming and still waiting for my card!!

by kellyh11, 9 Aug 2013

Hi, kellyh, and welcome.

Phone them and ask them to cancel and give you a refund. You will see from the previous posts that lots of our members have done this successfully.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

by Feline123, 9 Aug 2013

Hi Kellyh it can take up too 2 weeks for your card to come through,but you are still entitled to discontinue the card and demand a full and immediate refund if not then please feel free to get in touch with these people it is complaintform@ombudsmanservices.org they will be only too pleased to deal with any and all complaints surrounding this company and it's false promises,as last year there was a similar company with a similar name started up and they too got closed down,please do not take any notice of there recent changes which i noticed the other day stating that they are covered under the trade of goods act 1974,as they are lying as the sales of goods act was actually passed in 1979,so please DO NOT be fobbed all with these lies,they operate out of America not the U.K.

by talis54, 10 Aug 2013

can someone who is now a current member please take a screenshot of their shop, it will be needed for successful prosecution. also people NEED to read their T&C's, especially the parts that say by opening up an account you agree they can share all your information with anyone else they seem fit INCLUDING your financial info too. beware

by simon90, 2 Oct 2013

To anyone who can help who is a member, please can you take a screenshot of their online shop so we can prove they are selling crap and ripping people off. these people SELL your full data and financial information to anyone they can and your bank details and debit card numbers will now be floating around the internet.

by simon90, 2 Oct 2013
by simon90, 2 Oct 2013

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of your information transmitted to our Website;

Please be advised that in certain circumstances, Choice Freedom acts as a limited agent for the actual seller of the products and/or services available for purchase at or through the Website. In these circumstances: 1) you will be redirected to the applicable seller's website after you have completed the application page; 2) Choice Freedom will collect and send your personal information to the respective seller in connection with completing your purchase from the seller; and 3) your purchase will subject you to the seller's privacy policy.

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties:
•In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.
•If Choice Freedom or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case personal information held by it about its customers will be one of the transferred assets.

In connection with the products and services available for purchase at the Website, we will collect your payment account information. We will use your payment account information to bill you for your purchases and we may share your payment account information with third parties

by simon90, 2 Oct 2013

Hi, simon. Read some of the earlier replies in this topic. It seems some people have got their money back from this scam company.

Good luck.

by Feline123, 2 Oct 2013

Hi, luckily I read all T&C's on any site I sign up with and as soon as I saw theirs, alarm bells started to ring. sure enough I was right. I never signed up and never would. I do hope everyone gets their money back. one sure way is to cancal any direct debits if you have any and report your debit card lost, they will issue a new one and if they try to charge the old one - they will not get another penny

by simon90, 2 Oct 2013
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how i shopping in store

by ajantha, 7 Sep 2013

Just got an email from this company. .glad I came on here!!! Companies like this pray on vulnerable people. Surely they should be regulated by someone, its not right. ..

by jellybeans, 14 Oct 2013

if anyone is having problems with these people no matter how small please let these people know as the more complaints they have about the way these people operate then the sooner they can and will be closed down,it is complaintform@ombudsmanservices.org if you write to these with any details that you have and any and all documentation then they can investigate and get back to you as soon as possible with any further details they need or have regarding this company thank you

by talis54, 16 Oct 2013

Thanks for posting that, talis54. Some of our members may find it very helpful.

by Feline123, 16 Oct 2013
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Hi its not a credit card. .its a card they top up which you can only use on their outlet shop..ie: dental medical and other stuff .dont sign up!! Really glad I did my research first..nearly fell for it!!

by jellybeans, 16 Oct 2013

Glad to hear of another one having a lucky escape, jellybeans.

Welcome to the forum.

by Feline123, 16 Oct 2013

glad to hear you used this site first,i was unfortunate last year as i got caught out with this company last year,albiet they were using a different name,so i was very aware this year when they sent me an email offering me there services once again,but i am glad that maybe some of your members Feline123 and those doing there research also might find my advice useful,this is why i have just added that last bit yesterday as to who they can report these people too,to thanks

by talis54, 5 months ago
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what is choice freedom card used for

by dolph14, 5 months ago

Hi, dolph.

Read the earlier posts on this discussion and you will see that this card is not all that it seems and is best avoided.

by Feline123, 5 months ago

I suggest that in future before your eyes see pound signs when offered some sort if credit to fully read the terms and conditions as clearly most of you lot haven't! Serves yous right.

by fclark321, 5 months ago

Hi, fclark.

Could I respectfully suggest that you don't make such comments when you have been a member here for less than 24 hours.

We are a mutually supportive community, and such comments are neither helpful, nor in the spirit of this forum.

Now do one.

by Feline123, 5 months ago

fclark321 we have read the conditions and unfortunately when you get an email from this company the heading is as follows WOULD YOU LIKE A CREDIT CARD WORTH £750 IT IS YOURS WITH NO CREDIT CHECKS REQUIRED,at no time in there email do they send you there terms and conditions,and presumably from your comment you have applied for one good luck with your purchases from them is all i can say to you,if you had read through all the comments you would have read were they actually phoned an old lady up 2 weeks ago and offered her a credit card over the phone,and it wasn't until she came on here and read the comments that she realised what it was she had been offered,you would be very surprised as to how many clients i have had recently that have complained to me about this company,and i give them the same advice as i give to people on here so I am with feline on this one here that your comments were unwarranted and not very helpful either to anyone,unlike everyone else's on here we try to help everyone out with good sound advice,and if you came on here to have a go at people who are vulnerable you came to the wrong site,

by talis54, 5 months ago

Good mornning fclark321. I agree with the comments made by both of the above. Suggest that perhaps it would be wise to make an internet search on the company concerned before making comments about people who have unfortunately been caught up in something unaware. The current economic condiitions have allowed a lot of these companie to rise up and take advantage of people's misfortune.

by Loopydo, 5 months ago

Thanks for your help took some time on the phone to cancel the card but done it thanks to all of u x

by joannaj65, 1 month ago

Well done!

by Feline123, 1 month ago

well done joannaj65. loopydo albiet you made your comment 4 months ago here is an update for you,I received a text this morning offering me a CREDIT CARD for £750 from your freedom card com and in block letters it states £750 CREDIT NOW no ccj''s no employment checks so that straight away shouts out to people and they will respond to this kind of text or phone call and the terms and conditions are not spelt out in a phone call or text message,so vulnerable people in dire need are going to want to snatch this up,not everyone thinks to check websites out or pages like this,so any help that is given on these pages are helpful for those that ARE computer savvy and I am so happy to help and give advice when I can help and give it to anyone and everyone

by talis54, 1 month ago
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There seems to be confusion between the Barclaycard Freedom credit card which is genuine and the choice freedom card which is disingenious, to put it mildly. I visited their website tonight and it clearly states that any credit line offered by them is only spendable on their site. Did not need to investigate further. Smelly rat!

by Loopydo, 5 months ago

Indeed Mr Loops, Choice is definitely not one to get involved with. One only has to search the internet to find thousands of poor souls who have been duped by this dubious offering.

by Bonz1957, 5 months ago

Both of you are correct in what you say, they are nothing but a scam and con merchants, what they offer with there monthly membership you can already get for free on the N.H.S, this is the biggest con I have seen, they were around either last year or the year before, they soon got closed down as there were that many complaints against the company, all they do is prey on the weak, vunerable, and elderly and they have no shame, I am disgusted with people who operate like this, I really am.

by talis54, 5 months ago
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It's a scam they make out its a credit card but it's not .It can only be used on there online outlet shop.

by louiseh40, 5 months ago

Yes that is correct louiseh40 and you can only access there site once you become a member and not before, that is because if people saw before hand what they were selling they wouldn't join this site, they send you an email stating that it is a CREDIT CARD WORTH £750 NO CREDIT CHECKS NEEDED, and for the young, elderly or even vulnerable people it isn't fair, it's a con job and a scam, more so in this day and age when people are struggling financially, it's wrong on so many levels,No credit card company worth it's salt will charge you a one of fee and monthly charges for something you can get free from the N H S, it is disgusting, like I have told others if enough people complain to the ombudsman they would be able to shut these people down, as all they do is sell your name address and bank or credit card details onto someone else, and thats not fair on anyone at all.

by talis54, 5 months ago

I ALMOST fell for this scam. So glad I found this forum, I think you guys have saved me time, hassle and money :-)

by isabelr97, 5 months ago

Good to hear that, isabelr97, and welcome to the forum!

by Feline123, 5 months ago

Thanks :-). I'm do glad somewhere like this us exposing the scam and helping people

by isabelr97, 5 months ago

I was just about to put my bank details in then I seen this forum and thank god I did. Sounds like a right rip off. Thanks guys.

by lindahu37, 5 months ago

Hi, lindahu37, and welcome.

It's great that our lovely forum is helping people to avoid these awful scams.

by Feline123, 5 months ago

isabeir97 and lindahu37 I am so glad you looked and found this site first before giving them any details and signing up to them,I am so happy that we can expose these scams to people like yourselves,it saves alot of time and hassle if people research these kind of companies first before signing up then they can find out for sure if it is legit or not,people shouldn't have to pay any fee what so ever for any kind of credit card,also the services they offer with this card like dentists and hospitals you can get free of charge on the N.H.S,so it is definatlly a scam,think the best thing to do with any emails like this is to forward them to complaintform@ombudsmanservices.org that is the best way to stop companies like this preying on vulnerable people

by talis54, 5 months ago

Hi just read this will not be applying already been scam this month by city financial they took 79 pounds .just had a email saying I can have 750 pounds because what has already happen with other scam I looked it up and found you guys so thank you very much . But I still can not get my head round how these people sleep at nite andhow they get away with it . I my self had to use these ccompanies as not because I am a bad at paying bills but because of never having to have credit I am also self employed so to get credit is quite hard there is to many companies scam and I am quite shocked to see how many there are. Any way thanks again and really enjoyed tails54 putting someone in there place at start of thred

by kellyjo18, 5 months ago

Welcome, kellyjo18. Glad to hear you didn't fall for it.

by Feline123, 5 months ago

kellyjo 18, glad to hear you did some research first and found this site to help you,I am only sorry to hear that you have been scammed before with city financial,you may think about reporting these people also to complaintform@ombudsmanservices.org and see if they can help you in anyway

by talis54, 5 months ago

I have just signed up but am going to cancel when i get home can i just cancel my dd at the bank help

by natasha21, 4 months ago

Hi Natasha21 yes you can cancel any dd at your bank to do with this card company,you can also cancel any future card payments by cancelling your card you have now and having a replacement card issued,if you explain to your bank that you have been miss lead by a card company depending on how they have attracted you in the first place,like one or 2 people I know they have received a phone call from this company saying they are offering a credit card when it isn't that is fraud and mis-representation for that they can get into some serious trouble,contact these people when yo get home and tell them that you wish to cancel your application with immediate effect and that you want any monies paid to them at this moment in time re embursed and that you are giving them exactly 7 days in which to do so,also record your conversation and let them know that you are doing this and that you are keeping a copy just in case,I wish you the best of luck and don't think you will encounter any problems at all,please let us know how you get on thanks talis54

by talis54, 4 months ago
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How do I stop this card. It's not what I want and they have taken 29.99 out of my account already

by lorrai20, 4 months ago

I was looking for credit card. I thought this was one so I clicked to sign up. It's taken 29.99 right from my account and I've now discovered it's a shopping outlet

by lorrai20, 4 months ago

Thanks. Now I need to get it cancelled

by lorrai20, 4 months ago

ring them up first thing and tell them it is not what you are looking for and you thought it was a credit card and it isn't,you no longer wish to go through with your application and you want any monies paid to them already to be re embursed to you within the next 4/5 days,they will do this for you,they should have been more honest with you in the first instance and told you that it wasn't a credit card,but unfortunately now on the lead up to Xmas they will be trying to push this card on the vunerable and elderly people by not making them aware that is NOT a credit card but an outlet card for there website,and believe you me your money would be better spent at Primark Home and Bargains or B&M than with these people so please ring them on the number i have provided further up on the site along with there e mail address let uus know how you get on please Lorrai20

by talis54, 4 months ago
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anyone wishing to report this to internet fraud action line please feel free to ring 0300 123 2040 this is the contact number for the police who have set this number up so people can report internet fraud and I think that this company would come under this so please report them on this number,you may also ask them to look at this site and see the amount of complaints there have been about this company as they may need to look at it and help with there investigation

by talis54, 4 months ago

i was about to give my bank card detals for choice freedom card and i stumbled upon you guys praise the lord .....you saved me from what sounds like one big expensive scam i want to say thnx

by cozzles, 4 months ago

cozzles,so glad you found this site before you signed up with them and so glad you found our information useful for you

by talis54, 4 months ago
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I have just read all your guys comments and phoned the straight away and canceled, they are giving me a full refund and the amount of things they offered me to stay was unbelievable, like most ppl I thought it was a card so you could spend on what you wanted in shops you wanted not there rubbish outlet, so glad I stubbed across this .

by peach2, 4 months ago

Hi peach2. That's good to hear.

by Feline123, 4 months ago

peach2,yes unfortunately that is one of there foibles,they think that if they offer you a big enough incentive that you will stay with them,I am so glad that you were not fooled by this at all and am happy to hear that they are giving you a full refund,if enough people do this they will realise that no one is interested in getting this card from them,they also try too fool people into thinking this is a credit card,when in fact it is NOT

by talis54, 4 months ago
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Hi iam Mary I knew it was a store card but the on line shop is rubbish tried to order but it wouldnt work am being charged £14,95 a month the bank said it is a subscription what a laugh they are cancelling for me

by whitem19, 4 months ago

I just got conned by this, be warned it isn't a credit card, but just a card you can you in their own places. I phoned up and demanded my money back and they tried to fob me off with vouchers. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and all of a sudden I'm getting a full refund. PLEASE don't do what I did, its has now left me unable to enjoy Christmas as I thought I was getting a credit card and wasn't now have no money to buy anything. Be warned!

by dsmith471, 4 months ago

how does choice freedom card work if its not a credit card

by ron666, 3 months ago

ron666 what they do is get you to sign up for this card which then costs you a one off fee for £29.99 then a fee of £15 a month subscription which is to use there services for medical,dental,or optical services,bearing in mind that you can already use those with the N.H.S. then you can only use this card on the website only and you can buy better in Pounland,Pounstretcher,Primark or B&M stores than you can on there website,plus you have to pay for your delivery of goods va debit or credit card,which is normally 3 times the cost of your purchased items,you cannot look on there website prior to becoming a member,why that is no one knows,probably because if you saw what they sold you wouldn't want a card from them to use there store,anyway my advice would be steer clear of these scammers

by talis54, 3 months ago
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How dose it work

by mandyk32, 3 months ago

How dose it work is a loan or a credit card

by mandyk32, 3 months ago

What is choice freedom ? Is it a credit card

by mandyk32, 3 months ago

hi mandyk32 if you read through this thread you will see it is NOT a credit card,it is a card that can only be used on there website ONLY and believe me when I tell you that you can buy better goods at Poundland,Poundstretcher,Primark and B&M then you will on there site,not only that but you have to pay £29.99p joining fee and £15 a month subscription fees no other credit card company will ask you for these fees,it is a scam,they cannot offer you this as a means of guaranteeing your credit score will increase,because if this firm goes bust or changes it's name like it did last year then your credit rating will be affected by this,if you have any sense and I think you have then please STAY AWAY from these people,they are scammers,if you buy from these people you will have to pay via a credit card or debit card for delivery of your items and it can be any were near 3 times the value of the cost of your item,and you cannot log into there website until you become a member,and what they sell is not worth it plus your membership is for sites like medical and dentists and opticians that you pay for lets face it you can already get it on the N.H.S. so why would you want to pay for it,and no it is NOT A LOAN either it is just a card with £750 worth of credit to use on there website ONLY ,you cannot use it to withdraw cash or spend it in other stores,as it does not have a visa sign on it nor does it come with a pin number,so please start the new year of by telling these people were to go if offered one,or better still send these types of e mails through to your spam box or just ignore them,they are NOT worth the time or effort and certainly NOT worth getting into debt with

by talis54, 3 months ago
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how do I get my pin number

by joeroach, 3 months ago

joeroach sorry to tell you this is NOT a credit card so you don't get a pin number because you can only use this card on there website,you cant log into there website to see there goods until you getyour card,then when you do you will see that you can use your card to purchase goods but then to have them delivered you have to use a credit or debit card to pay for delivery,the goods they sell are not up too much and you can get better for less in your high street cheap shops like Poundland or Pounstretchers believe me when I tell you this is Not a credit card,just a card you can use on there website only,it cannot be used in any other store or to withdraw cash,if you have the card already you will see there is NO visa sign on it and nowhere for you to sign on the back like a bank card or normal credit card,so sorry to say you will NEVER get a pin number of these scammers,because that is all it is a scam

by talis54, 3 months ago
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Would just like to say, thanks for all the help & advice given to me regarding this freedom choice card. After numerous emails & calls,finally spoke to someone and got this membership cancelled. They have said they will refund me my 29.99 in the nxt 5 working days! Thank you all

by lorrai20, 3 months ago

I am so happy you found this site informative enough to get you the help you needed,you are most welcome and hope this is a good start to your new year for you

by talis54, 3 months ago
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hi just thought I would let you all now there is another one out there called fresh start who offers you up to £2500 yet again you have to pay £39.99 up front fee and then £7.95 a month membership fees,I still think that this is a rip of and scam,because NO credit card company should ask you for monies or up front and membership fee that's ridiculous,you can only use this on there website just like freedom choice card, and you cant log in unless you are a member so beware of FRESH START

by talis54, 3 months ago

Thanks, talis!

by Feline123, 3 months ago
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Hi i am trying to cancel not yet got my card found all this bad press but cannot find an e mail address or telephone number feel i have been ripped off james leeds

by energi, 2 months ago

hi energi yes there contact details are as follows tel;0808 234 0335 email is memberservices@choicefreedomcard.co.uk,when you go to ring them up they will try and fob you off with a credit increase and also lower monthly subscription payments please please please do NOT accept these conditions tell them you want a refund,you can also complain to your local ombudsamn by writing to complaintsform@ombudsman.gov you can also phone internet fraud line on 0300 123 2040please keep these last 2 safe as you may need them in the future I hope not,just tell this company that you now realise it is NOT credit card as stated and you wish to cancel and have a refund of any monies already taken from your bank,it may also be helpful for you to get a new bank card then you know that no further payments can be taken,if you can explain the situation to your bank they will only be to happy to help you please also be aware there is another company that acts in the same way called Fresh Start please do NOT be fooled as they are the same company operating in the exact same manner,to me they are both lowest of the low SCAMMERS good luck

by talis54, 2 months ago
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I unfortunately applied for this card today thinking that it was an actual credit card. After having read the reviews here I realised it was a product I didn't want and a scam. I emailed them to request cancellation and right on que they called me from Pennsylvania of all places trying to convince me to keep the product. They offerded to double my credit limit to £1,500 and even when I didn't give in she tried to convince me that my usage would be reported to a credit agency to help me get an actual card she then offered me a free £50 voucher to use on the site to see how it works and what the products are like. I explained that I tried to log on to the site but it was blank and insisted on a refund. She was quite abrupt and said the account is cancelled and a refund would take 3-5 working days. Take my advice dont fall for it, they aren't regulated or registered to any financial institution or body in the united States.

by warren82, 2 months ago

yes I have been on to a friend of mine in the states he says these kind of companies can set up any were in the world and for the most part get away with it as no one seems to complain about them,but as you can see from this thread they still keep trying with people,but as long as we all stick together and tell them NO to this type of card then they will hopefully get the message and leave us here in the UK alone

by talis54, 2 months ago

Great stuff, talis! Thanks.

by Feline123, 2 months ago

your welcome Feline 123 anything I can find out about this company will be posted on here,they actually think they can con us and get away with,well they are so wrong if everyone on here reported them to the internet fraud unit run by the police on 0300 123 2040 then we can get this company shut down and stopped from ever operating in this country again,just glad and happy to be of any help at all

by talis54, 2 months ago

I've made a note of that number!

by Feline123, 2 months ago
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***Important Please Read***

Duff deal from Choice Freedom credit card

By Andrew Penman on April 24, 2013 11:00 PM in Debts and loans
Unable to get a credit card? Then you might be tempted by Choice Freedom Outlet, which ­promises no credit checks and zero interest.

But there are downsides. Its card costs £29 and you can only use it at its online store. One customer, Carole Yardley of South Ockendon, Essex, tells us the ­selection of goods is "very poor" and, worse, now she cannot even access the site.

"The screen goes blank when I try," she says.

We took this up with Choice Freedom, which hasn't replied.

Its website is ­registered to Reliant Holdings Inc of ­Pennsylvania - who also ignored us. The firm is not a member of the US watchdog Better Business Bureau.

According to the BBB: "Consumers claim that the merchandise is limited in number and value".

It warns: "In some instances complainants are offered a partial refund and only after having complaints ­processed by the BBB does the company usually provide a full refund."

Update. We've now heard from Choice Freedom, who say they have not had a complaint from Carole.

A spokesman added: "For those customers that receive our membership and are dissatisfied in any way, we have a 100% 30 day no questions asked refund policy."

We also asked why potential customers cannot view the products on offer before buying the their card. The answer: "Because products and inventory change daily on the site, we do not advertise specific products or allow access to the shopping site prior to enrolment. This policy is in place to avoid any disappointment that could be caused by us selling-out a product that may have been viewed by a new member during enrolment."

by CJ_Mac, 2 months ago

Good info, CJ_Mac. Thanks

by Feline123, 2 months ago

No problems. I've been scammed by a number of online loan brokers recently who have charged me a membership fee when I thought I was giving bank details to receive a loan and I came across this on one of their sites. Quite naive to be honest especially when I should of known better as I used to work for Royal Bank of Scotland but I won't make that mistake again and I'd rather other people didn't get caught out with these scams. Be careful and ALWAYS read the small print :-)

by CJ_Mac, 2 months ago

yes cj_Mac,we already know all this my friend works for the Bureau of Investigations out of Washington DC and they are investigating this firm because I sent a file over with all the complaints,I have to ring her in a month to see exactly what she has found out about them,they were running another buissness here 2 yrs ago and we got it shut down now we are trying to get this one shut down too

by talis54, 2 months ago
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thanks for all your input, I have cancelled my card, and have a refund. x

by moonshadow, 2 months ago

Great news, moonshadow!

by Feline123, 2 months ago

great news moonshadow,anyone applying for a loan on this site should know that it is THE BROKER themselves that can charge you anything up to £75 to go through them for a loan,at the end of the day you are never ever guarenteed to be accepted by the loan company,even though they state you have been accepted in principal,it is lies and you will never ever get a loan by going through a broker,these cards will never give you a good credit rating,this is all done for one reason and one reason only,to scam you out of your hard earned money,best thing you can do is STAY WELL CLEAR OF THEM ALL.

by talis54, 2 months ago
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Hi Peeps just been on phone to them did not take long, I said i want to close my account and demand a full refund, she asked why, I said its a scam its not a credit card as was led to believe, and will go to the police and the obnesmum, she kept me on hold for 2 mins and got back to me saying my account is now closed and will receive a full refund in next 3 days, thanks people on this site for your support,

by Al-zBaby, 1 month ago

Great result, Al-zBaby!

Let us know, please, when the refund comes through.

by Feline123, 1 month ago

Thanks Feline :)

by Al-zBaby, 1 month ago

what do they actually sell?,just intriqued i guess......

by tigger1980, 1 month ago

Somebody who has actually opened an account will have to tell us, tigger, as you apparently can't find out until you've paid the money. But I believe it's not very good.

Welcome to the forum.

by Feline123, 1 month ago
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Hi Peeps thanks to this Forum Re: choice freedom card, phoned them last wk monday did not beat about the bush, said i want to close my account, they said why, I said it's a con and a scam and said i will go to police, she said it's to help build your credit, I said No thanks, and said i want a full refund, she said it will be in my account in 3 days and it was, the other funny thing is I got there card yesterday, Straight in the bin that went, Just ring them peeps demand your money back, £30 quid, well worth a 5 min call, good luck all and thanks for your help, Al-zBaby x

by Al-zBaby, 1 month ago

That's great, Al-zBaby. Thanks for letting us know.

by Feline123, 1 month ago

fantastic to hear Al-zbaby so glad this forum can help so many people either from getting scammed or getting there money back so happy you got your refund,eventually they will have no opton but to close down I got a text message yesterday from the same company but said how would you like a credit card for £750 credit or £1000 cash immediately from freedom card as soon as I got the text I replied with a text back to them with a warning telling them who I was and that I was reporting them for misuse of advertising,they tried to con me with another text from there sister company Fresh Start offering me an immediate cash advance of £2500 buy I knew who they were as well so did not even respond just deleted it straight away,it is surprising what lengths they will go too to get customers now,you would think after the amount of people complaining and demanding a refund they would have got the hint by now and closed down,but I suppose there are still 1 or 2 gullible people out there falling for this scam

by talis54, 4 weeks ago

Good to hear of your success Al-zbaby. Suggest that anyone telephoning them asks for repayment of the call charge, especially if waiting for a while.

by Loopydo, 2 weeks ago
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Sadly I did the same thing, and paid £29.95, I have canceled today but they are not repaying the whole amount a load of rubbish. They are just sucking in people who are already vunerable.

by wendymu62, 4 weeks ago

Your pin us under the left hand arm of your leather couch next to a stray condom and a piece of wrigleys spearmint (half chewed).

by Omendata, 2 weeks ago

Lol, Omen! PM winging its way to you as I write.... :-)

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

Just beat me to it, Sis! x

by Feline123, 2 weeks ago

Stupid comment as usual from the omenthing .
sad life individual.
pathetic attempt at humor.
no gromba.

by edgar96, 2 weeks ago

Hi, edgar96.

I see you joined the forum on the 1st of April. As it's now 13 minutes past midnight, you've certainly done your homework quickly.

Which particular troll are you a reincarnation of?

by Feline123, 2 weeks ago

The April Fool, perhaps?!

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

I just hate bullies.

by edgar96, 2 weeks ago

And we hate trolls.

by Feline123, 2 weeks ago

I hate bullies too, but Omen isn't a bully.

by fruitcake, 2 weeks ago

Its called alternative humour but as we know Nadge is a middle of the road sad troll...

I probably post about one or two comments a week and I am a bully.
Hmm can't see it!!!

Amazing how it follows me around like a little doggie...
Woof woof!!!

by Omendata, 1 week ago

There is alot of company's like this around a other one is Star Loans Ltd I got my Money back from Freedom Choice with in 2 weeks of asking for it back if any of you have been scammed by anyone Like Freedom Choice Or Star Loans Ltd Report it to theses people as we need to protect yourself from People like these people which will in turn protect others where you report it to is these People :www.actionfraud.police.uk Cached
Good Luck Everyone

by peterj41, 1 week ago
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Hi everyone
I found this site after looking for the choice freedom site - I smelt a rat when it said they charged £15 sign up fee and £14.95 per month for the account. No decent credit card charges that sort of fee. My advice is always read the boring bits - terms and conditions. Lots of people don't because they think they are all the same. There may be a head office in this country but always look for the parent company. In this case it in Indiana, USA. Anything goes abroad so buyer beware.

by Flaxseed, 2 weeks ago

Hi Flaxseed, and welcome to the forum.

That's very good advice, and glad you found us.

by Feline123, 1 week ago
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THE CORRECT NUMBER IS 0808 234 0335! the number with 0355 at the end is not Choice Freedom, do not call it!

by alidda, 6 days ago

Hi Mandy ring them on 0808 234 0355 they will attempt to increase ur credit limit give u £10 refund but refuse quote their small print "we offer full refund in 30 days if u change ur mind" i got my refund same day be polite but very assertive you want ur money back it may take 5mins but worth it, good luck

by jackie211, 4 days ago

Good advice, jackie211.

by fruitcake, 4 days ago

good for you I hope my refund goes back as quick what a nightmare!!

by locky5, 2 days ago
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I have just signed up for this about an hour ago. realized almost immediately it's a scam. got on the phone to my bank, and the funds of £29.95 had already gone from my account. my bank manager is at this moment in time trying to reverse the payment but isnt sure he can. i have been advised to cancel my card. i tried phoning choicefreedom hung on the phone for ages then told they were closed! i then phoned 0300 123 2040 the action fraud. police bureau who are investigating it for me now...waiting for a call back from my bank manager. i only had enough funds in my account for a direct debit today i have no overdraft facility and now my dd wont be honored & i will have bank charges and an unpaid dd etc. etc and the inconvenience of changing my card details for dds etc etc ...i am so angry i have been so foolish! i hope this post saves others that cant afford to write off £29.99 and everything else they help themselves to from your bank accounts...beware!!!!

by locky5, 2 days ago

I HAVE JUST GOT THROUGH TO CHOICEFREEDOM!!! I TOLD THEM I WANT A FULL REFUND OF £29.99 and that i have reported them to the national action fraud intelligence bureau with the crime number for their information. I was told my "account" with choice freedom would be cancelled asap and i would have to wait 3 to 5 working days for a refund! I asked for a confirmation email of cancellation to forward to my bank manager to enable him to reverse the payment.....now i await an email from choice freedom!!! watch this space

by locky5, 2 days ago

Hi, locky5, and welcome to the forum.

Keep us informed please, and good luck!

by Feline123, 2 days ago

Well done, locky5, and that's good news, update us as and when, and hope you get your promised refund, as these success stories really help others too. Welcome to the forum, by the way! :-)

by fruitcake, 2 days ago
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What a con! I phoned up as soon as I signed up as relised this was not right!
I was told it was cancelled , then received my card they had not cancelled it.
I called and they said they had no record of my call, and when I told them I was a police officer and i had a record of my call they immediaty cancelled just waiting on refund. P.s I ain't a police officer

by jamanj, 1 day ago

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