Who or what is choice freedom card

by , 19 Oct 2012


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Hello Paula,

A Choice Freedom card is a merchandising card which can be used online at http://www.choicefreedomoutlet.co.uk/

These are seen as a way for people with poor credit to rebuilt their credit score. The merchandiser is willing to extend credit to people as long as they buy from the store. In return people get the chance to use a card and pay it off to rebuild their credit score. In short they do a similar job to credit cards which are available to people with poor credit like these: http://www.money.co.uk/credit-cards/bad-credit-credit-cards.htm

Hope this helps,


by TomCo, 10 Nov 2012

have you used this card before?

by ksatch, 12 Jan 2013
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can you use to pay off existing bills and local atm

by ladeep, 8 Jan 2013

No, it's not a credit card it's a merchandising card as Tom describes above.

by fruitcake, 9 Jan 2013

What sort of merchandising

by crazych66, 2 months ago
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what can u buy and where

by hammyl, 2 Apr 2013

Iwould like a refund of £20.99 please. This has been reported to the Trading Standard... If not i will involve a Solicitor

by diana1, 11 Jun 2013

do yhey rob u b4 they give u a card

by possablyamug, 25 Aug 2013

I want a refund of £29.95 asthis is not a credit card as advertised. Have passed information to trading standards.

by sillyfool, 17 Sep 2013

how lang it take to come any 1 plz its been its beem 3 plus weeks still no freedom card x thanks in advance for your haelp, x ;-)

by jojo84, 20 Oct 2013

I have just signed up for this card and realise it is a con I would like my money back

by angelam48, 23 Oct 2013

does anyone have a telephone number for these people as I am struggling to find one

by angelam48, 23 Oct 2013

Avoid at all costs if anyone else is thinking of signing up please don't I repeat DON'T

by Baggers, 23 Oct 2013

I would like my money bk please

by kellyfa19, 24 Oct 2013

angelam48 - Phone no I got is 0808 234 0335 hope this helps

by scotste, 31 Oct 2013

Be surprised if they answer!

by Baggers, 31 Oct 2013

i filled all the forms in and cant find where to pay my new member fees?

by damo74, 2 Dec 2013

Don't pay any new member fees stay well away

by Baggers, 2 Dec 2013
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what can you use a choice freedom card f ?or

by carola80, 10 Nov 2013

scraping ice off your windscreen is about its main function? if it arrives for your £29 new member fee? de-icer far cheaper and less hassle.

by damo74, 2 Dec 2013

lol damo :-)

by Bonz1957, 2 Dec 2013

I used my bonz and gave them all of £00.00 of which I'm more than happy to have refunded lol ;-)

by damo74, 2 Dec 2013

I also thought it was a credit card and was cond out of £29.95

by powelll70, 16 Feb 2014

I have just rang them and I will be getting a refund within 3 to 5 working days, get on the phone guys and threaten them with trading standards !!

by heather93, 18 Mar 2014
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Not really an answer but was looking into this card and then saw all the terrible feedback. Went to see the merchandise site and you can't even view quality of stuff as you have to register first. This must be the only site that does this. What a total bloody con and god dam cheek. I'm lacking money not brain cells lol.

by Lezlee44, 4 months ago

hi what is the point when your sizes are limited there nothing for the larger size

by margid, 2 months ago

Hi margid, and welcome to the forum.

This is money.co.uk which is an advice and discussion site and does not offer any products or services.

Are you referring to the Choice Freedom site?

by Feline123, 2 months ago

Absolutely shit dont go anywhere near this,card

by dawnbl95, 1 week ago
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