What is the best way to transfer around 115-120k from english bank account into a canadian bank account

by , 10 Aug 2012


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Avoid using your bank, especially on such a large amount like this! Our rates are always much better than the banks, as we base our rates on the live market rates. Transfers to accounts in Canada arrive on the same day and we do not charge any transfer fee on amounts over £5000.

We are fully FSA authorised and have been established since 1978, with 3 london offices. Feel free to contact me directly if you need any info or if you would like to compare our rates.

by Catherine_2012 from Thomas Exchange, 22 Oct 2012
Thomas Exchange UK - currency and worldwide money transfer specialists since 1978. Please feel free to ask me any question regarding international money transfers or foreign currency. Email catherine.kelly@tefx.co.uk or call 0207 637 7336.

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