What is the monthly interest rate on 1,000,000 fixed for 1 year?

by , 22 Jun 2012


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Hi, johns, and welcome.

If you really have that amount of money, this is not the place for you. You should be consulting an IFA,

Or you could just send it to me.....

by Feline123, 22 Jun 2012

You would also be best advised to split your money into separate accounts each containing no more than £85,000 to safely stay within the FSCS compensation scheme should any provider go bust.

by Bonz1957, 23 Jun 2012

I rather think we have a troll here, Bonz!

by Feline123, 23 Jun 2012

Even Trolls need sound financial advice Feline :-)

by Bonz1957, 24 Jun 2012
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