Are there any cards i can buy and load with cash at the store that don't require a home address and can be anonymous?

by , 23 May 2012

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added 23 May 2012...

i was in London recently and actually couldn't find Visa gift cards..


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Hi gregg2, and welcome to the forum.

As far as I know, no, apart from normal gift cards from high street stores.

by fruitcake, 23 May 2012

Thanks for the extra info, gregg2, I don't believe Visa gift cards are available in the UK, but you could contact Visa and ask them. Contact details are..

Tel: +44 (0)20 7795 5777 (enquiries)

by fruitcake, 23 May 2012

have a look at MasterCards website too - they give links to gift cards...if that helps?

by ClearCash from ClearCash, 24 May 2012
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