Are there 100% mortgages available?

by , 6 May 2012


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Hi pmcf10 and welcome to the forum.

In a word, no, 100% lending has died a death as a result of the current adverse financial situation and lenders are now looking for financial input from all borrowers. There has always been comment about a loan being 'secured' on property but the stark facts are that only forced repossession will access that security and of course with a 100% advance on a property that may dip in value, or indeed be sold at a reduced 'forced sale price', there is bound to be a shortfall taking that into account plus high selling fees, legal fees and lenders high admin costs. As such, 100% lending is far from 'best practice' mortgage lending and may never return.

by Snoopy48, 6 May 2012

Hi pmcf10, and welcome to the forum.

Only guarantor mortgages where a family member acts as guarantor for a period of time.

by fruitcake, 6 May 2012

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