i cant remember when the current static caravan insurance expired??

by , 6 May 2012

hi please help, my father was in a static caravan fire 3 weeks ago he is in a coma making progress at the moment. the caravan park cant help but i cannot find out at all who he was insured with?? any ideas please help?? is there a national data base? like there are for cars?? help! many thanks, miss oconnell

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added 6 May 2012...

my father is too ill to tell me who he had his static caravan insurance with?? so i may go ahead with the claim i really need some advice please!!! :)


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Hi timbol and welcome to the forum.

I cannot imagine that there is a database of caravans insured, unlike that that services motor insurance. All I can suggest is that you contact all insurers known to offer static caravan insurance. I assume that your father lived in the caravan and all paperwork was caught in the fire?


by Snoopy48, 6 May 2012

Hi timbol, and welcome to the forum.

There is a national database for touring caravans, but not one for static caravans as far as I know. As the caravan park can't help, I think you will have to do what Snoopy suggests and ring round static caravan insurers.

I do hope your father recovers quickly.

by fruitcake, 6 May 2012

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