Can I buy diemonds to invest in fish2

by , 5 May 2012


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Diamond investment is a very specialised alternative investment strategy and although possible, you normally need vast sums of money to dabble into it and of course, this is not covered by financial recourse to the Financial Ombudsman if you are ripped off. Only invest after thorough due diligence and you know what the full ins and outs from a company that you can trust.

by creativesaver, 5 May 2012

Put it nicely as always, cs :-)

by serena1, 6 May 2012

Thank you for your good advise I stick to gold creativesaver .fish2

by fish2, 6 May 2012

There is no diamond good enough for you serena good day fish &katy.

by fish2, 6 May 2012

Good evening, fish.
If you have a diamond free I can be the judge if it's good enough fr me... Lol ;-)

by serena1, 6 May 2012

Good evening Katy too I tried to put it in... :-)

by serena1, 6 May 2012

How about neil diamomd serena fish g e

by fish2, 6 May 2012

Lol! Yes Neil Damond very good diamond lol :-)

by serena1, 6 May 2012

There you go ,glad that sorted for you serena. fish

by fish2, 6 May 2012

Lol for now... I'll wait for the real Damond patiently, fish....

by serena1, 6 May 2012
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A girls best frend, fish... Remember we are friends too lol ;-)

by serena1, 6 May 2012

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