I am 61 yrs old how much mortgage will i get?

by , 3 May 2012

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added 3 May 2012...

I am 61 and still in employment. I am thinking of buying my council house. Will I get a mortgate and if so what %tage of the price will I have put up


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Hello and welcome to the community,

The number of companies willing to lend to mortgage providers is growing - if you're still in full time employment you should be able to get one. These insurers will offer services for people in their sixties: https://qanda.money.co.uk/question/115542-i-am-61-yrs-old-how-much-mortgage-will-i-get.htm

Contact a few to see what deals you can get.

Hope this helps,


by TomCo, 11 Nov 2012

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