I have an endowment policy which I hv paid 169 per month since august 1995. It was set up to return 112K.

by , 2 May 2012

How much cd I sell it for? JP


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Hi Jsp and welcome to the forum.

Are you asking about selling the policy through a commercial endowment buying company or ar you asking about selling it 'on the open market'? Firstly, you need to confirm that the policy is a 'with profits' contract and then I suggest you contact the companies listed in the comparison table for quotations to purchase. It seems that the values offered vary somewhat ( some companies quoting up to 40% more than the surrender value ) so you need to get at least three or four quotes. Armed with that information you should have a basis to decide who to sell it for or indeed offer it elsewhere and for what for.

by Snoopy48, 2 May 2012

As Snoopy says, get a quote and that will give you an idea of the final return. It will be above the best quote you get as these companies will ensure they turn a profit on their investment. Don't forget they want to pick up the terminal bonus as well

by Sealate, 3 May 2012

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