Britains Got Talent? Or has it? Should foreigners be allowed to compete or should we drop the name?

by , 30 Apr 2012

Yes it has, some unlikely looking operatic chap, Iain was it, great voice and a possible winner, but then we get acts from France, Hungary,etc etc. Is it not in the title? "Britain" has a competition to find a good "British" act. Either the foreign acts are in the wrong queue or the rules need a bit of tweeking. Or are these acts bought in to fleshout the other acts? I think we do have the talent without overseas ringers. What are your views?

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added 10 Jun 2013...

Well its official, Britain has no talent (just look at Ant and Dec) and Hungary has.

Who put the Great in Great Britain - well not BGT - in fact they are helping to remove it from our memories. But it does mean "Britain" appears earlier in the telephone books and that is the Governments ploy to get more trade into Britain (as opposed to more immigrants or economic migrants or spongers).


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I thought that the 'Britains Got Talent' badge was supposed to almost echo the 'Great' in our title of 'Great Britain' but alas it has taken on board the rest of the world due to supposed 'lack of British Talent'.

You are right, it does make a mockery of the title and may even reduce the show to a shambles if all of the finalists speak another language or are here 'just for the beer and benefits', so to speak.

It just makes you think that 'British' may disappear from the English language forever!

by Snoopy48, 30 Apr 2012

Re your last sentence, Snoops; I fear that It's looking that way. Maybe we should all vote for UKIP !! :)

by save24, 15 May 2012
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Hi gryan. I've just come across this discussion now.
I never thought about it but you do make a very good point. I agree it should be British thank goodness a British act won! :-)

by serena1, 15 May 2012

I was surprised when several "foreign" acts went, and surprised when 7 of the top 14 acts all appeared in the first semi final, meaning 5 had to be ditched. It makes sense only to the money grabbers, Simon. I liked Si til a year ago when he invented affairs to sell his book and now he's just making up his pension contributions to the detriment of good viewing. Whch is why I only get to see it at the girlfriends house.

by gryan1, 16 May 2012

I can't stand Si. He is so far up his own butt its a wonder he can see straight! sorry to be crude but I cannot stand him.

by save24, 16 May 2012

That's ok Save. You are right. He used to be ok but rude ( overly so) now and then, but he has lost the plot a bit lately. But made a stack of dosh at the same time. Another "role" model teaching us bad habits.

by gryan1, 17 May 2012
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i agree it should only be for british people not the whole of europe etc or if they think we dont have enough talent then rename it has europe got talent!

by benalan, 9 Jun 2013

Spot on benalen. Re-name the programme Europe has Talent. Although after watching the Eurovision song Contest, I would sadly dispute that.

by save24, 16 Jun 2013

Lol, save!

by Feline123, 16 Jun 2013
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