How much per day can i draw out from halifax i s a account

by , 23 Apr 2012


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Hi anncl36
This is all i can find on their website:
"General withdrawal information
You can usually withdraw up to the normal daily cash limit of ?2,500 a day per account from any of our branches, or up to ?250,000 by counter cheque, subject to account conditions. If you want to withdraw more than these amounts in cash or by cheque, just let your branch know in advance".
As long as you have an ISA that allows withdrawals then a quick call or visit to a branch will confirm the daily limit.

by Bonz1957, 23 Apr 2012

Hi anncl36, and welcome to the forum.

The ISA Saver Online and the ISA Saver from the Halifax are savings accounts with unlimited withdrawals so you can withdraw as much as you have in the account. With the Halifax ISA Saver Fixed, you can't make withdrawals.

by fruitcake, 23 Apr 2012

Hi Fruits, they have unlimited withdrawals which means you can make as many as you want, but each withdrawal will be subject to daily limits as mentioned below. Or have i read things wrong?

by Bonz1957, 23 Apr 2012

No, you're not wrong, Bonz, the daily cash limits will apply to any account, and as you can withdraw more than the daily limit with prior notice, you can withdraw the lot if you want to!

by fruitcake, 23 Apr 2012

DOH, sorry Fruits bit of a senior moment!! I had stated that exact point in my answer :-(

by Bonz1957, 23 Apr 2012

Lol, I have those every day!! Your answer was better anyway, as it was more detailed! :-)

by fruitcake, 23 Apr 2012

what is the daily max you can draw from a Halifax ATM machine

by neil52, 9 Oct 2012

Hi neil52, £300 per day if you're withdrawing from a Halifax account, it can be more if you're using a Halifax ATM to withdraw from an account from a non-Halifax account, depending on what the daily limit is with that account.

by fruitcake, 9 Oct 2012

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