Why cant i pay a cheque into my total access cashplus account

by , 11 Apr 2012

i have received a tax refund of ?1139 this morning quite out of the blue from hm revenue and customs, the post office would not accept it to pay into my account.... not sure what to do now..... help please


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Hi Kathya - have a look at the Cashplus retailers as may include cheque cashiers http://www.mycashplus.co.uk/top-up-card/cashplus-stores.aspx

If not, it may be a cas eof going to a high street cheque cashiers or using another card to process this for you...

from looking at the link above, i typed my postcode in and it gave me a list of places which included a "cheque centre"

hope this helps!

by ClearCash from ClearCash, 12 Apr 2012
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