What can i do to make vanquis balance transfer to another card

by , 8 Apr 2012

I want to transfer my vanquis balance to a 0% card but vanquis wont allow it what can i do?

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added 28 Apr 2012...

Hi everyone.
I bring fantastic news, i have found a credit card which can do BT from Vanquist! Its a Tesco 0% BT and 0% purchase card.
I was intending to try and do a purchase transfer but thought i would try my luck with a BT and it worked! straight through no problem!
It feels soo good to know that we can beat them at last.


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Hi tishob and welcome to the forum.

I must admit that I have never heard of this and I would have simply assumed that the transfer is actually completed by the new 0% card company ... i.e. I wasn't aware that you had to discuss the matter with current card company. Surely this is just a matter of the new 0% card company made a credit into your Vanquis account?

I would be interested to see what other people on the forum know about this!

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

Like you Snoops, I assumed the new company paid off the old one, and that the old one didn't have a choice. I wonder if this is a question about asking Vanquis to freeze interest on a card rather than transferring to a different company?

Tishob, more info please :)

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

You may be right Jazz ... I so love it when you 'think outside the box'! Perhaps as you say, this is a frozen account and not actually a live one, so payment in is barred in some way. As you said, Tishob, let us know more!

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

I like all angles covered Snoops :)

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

As long as they are all curvy ones Jazz, I am happy with that ...

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

Hmmm..can angles be curved.........?

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

The ones that i cover tend to be Jazz .... and they are always obtuse!

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

Obtuse as in angular or as in dim witted............?

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

Oh definately as in 'angular' and receptive! Oh but I do love 'cute'angles as well .... lol!

Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach? 'Cos it was over 90 degrees!

Boy angle to the girl angle: Your acute angle, and I hope you don't fine me obtuse.

Oh my, the fun goes on ...

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

Didn't quite see you with a dimwit somehow Snoops....

What sort of angle is stubborn? An obtuse one

What do you call a stubborn man? A tan-gent......

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

Oh, I thought a tan-gent was a bloke who'd just come back from a holiday in the sun!

by fruitcake, 8 Apr 2012

Bugger, that was meant to say sunburnt man..well spotted Fruits :)

Note to self, read post before entering!!

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

I didn't spot it, Jazz...I just thought I didn't get the joke because I'm thick...and now I've just proved it! :-)

by fruitcake, 8 Apr 2012

Lol sis, as if! And Snoopy, perfect gent that he is, didn't come back and say cr"p joke, he just clicked thanks..probably felt sorry for me for thinking it was funny :))

by Jazzj, 8 Apr 2012

Actually ladies, Snoopy did laugh even though I now see it wasn't funny in its original form. I, too, must have thought there was some deep technicality that was over my head!

Anyway, I thought we were going to tone down the funnies?

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012
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Hi tishob.

I've just been into the pages and pages of Terms & Conditions of VANQUIS.

See Section 21.3 below.

It looks like they don't recognise Balance Transfers OUT of the account, ONLY Balance Transfers IN to the account from another card provider. Not what you wanted to hear. The bottom line, check with them, see what they have to say about the situation.


21. We have given a particular meaning to the words which begin with a capital letter. These meanings are explained where they occur in this agreement or in this paragraph 21.

21.3 'Balance Transfer Transaction' - means the transfer of all or part of an account balance from another financial institution to your Account.

by Priceless, 8 Apr 2012

Having looked around on this problem, previous and similar experience seems to vary between folk but it seems that Vanquis make it hard to settle an expensive balance by not having a conventional transfer-in system. They obviously want to maintain their business!

However, other options suggest that if you phone Vanquis and obtain a normal BACS account number and sort code for their card, the transferring CC company can make it manually that way, just like a normal BACS transfer.

by Snoopy48, 8 Apr 2012

Hi all. thank you for your replies.

Tried the BACs idea and got the account and sort code from Vanquis with no problem,but when i contacted the new CC company they told me that Vanquis blocks that type of payment as well! Tho they did try bless em! They did say it may be possible to do a Purchase transfer, so i have now applied for a 0% purchase transfer card and will try with that!
Will keep you all posted. I really want to beat these greedy bas.ards!

by tishob, 12 Apr 2012

Hi tishob .... the only reason I can think that Vanquis would act like this would be to protect their interest generating balances. It would be good to know the outcome!

by Snoopy48, 12 Apr 2012
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Thanks for the update fishob! Well done :)

by Jazzj, 28 Apr 2012

Thanks, tishob, glad you got sorted, appreciate the feedback. :-)

by fruitcake, 28 Apr 2012

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