Does the log book owner of a vehicle have to insure the car or can someone else insure it

by , 26 Feb 2012


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I should think anybody can insure any car,the name on a V5 isnt neccesseraly the legal owner of the car.

by malcbe, 26 Feb 2012

Hi alana75
No. But somewhere on the proposal form they will ask who is the owner (log book) and keeper (main user) of the car.
I am the registered owner of Mrs B's car but she always insures it in her name without any problems. I have never come across any problems with insuring a car where the person on the policy is not on the log book, but maybe that is because both surnames are the same.
If you are in any doubt then best to run it past the insurance company before paying the premium. Better to be turned down and have to go somewhere else for insurance, than have an accident in someone else's car and find out the insures will refuse to pay out on a technicality.

by Bonz1957, 26 Feb 2012

It's not a problem as far as I'm aware as long as its the main driver that's insured, and you're not 'fronting' another driver

by Jazzj, 26 Feb 2012
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