can i mirror my no claims bonus on my1st car to a 2nd car policy

by , 19 Feb 2012


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Hi steveg39
Not strictly, as you would need to build up a 2nd set of no-claims for the second car.
However you could approach your current insurer, explain the situation and they may be be prepared to offer you a couple of years introducory bonus.
Alternatively you could look at a multi-car policy, i've included a link below. These allow you to have more than one car and more than one driver on the same policy, only needing one set of no-claims. But from personal experience is can be cheaper to insure each car separately.

by Bonz1957, 19 Feb 2012

There are insurance companies who will offer an introductory discount which is sometimes equivalent to max no claims bonus on your first car.

by 2GetherBreakdown, 21 Feb 2012

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