I wish to sell 342 Santander shares. Can I sell them in the UK or do I need to sell them via Santander and Spain? Thanks

by , 5 Jul 2011


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There's a freephone number on the santander shareholder site that you can call:


I believe the shares are only listed on the Spanish market so you could sell them through another stockbroker (e.g. iweb, tdwaterhouse) if you get your share certificate from Santander and forward it onto your new stokebroker. It's worth comparing sales fees before doing this.

by G-Man, 5 Jul 2011

Hi fionaco59 welcome to the forum
It depends on where you bought your shares. Santander has shares listed in the UK as well. It was one of the things they did when they took over Alliance & Leicester. So if you bought your shares in the uk or got your shares as a result of A&L takeover, you can sell them in the UK.

by HSP, 5 Jul 2011

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