I get dla sda can i get a loan

by , 1 Jul 2011

i am disabled and need a 28 day loan i get dla sda and bmw pension


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Hi Sueg and welcome to Money.co.uk

You have a difficult set of circumstances here I agree but can you advise why you simply need a 28 day loan and for how much? This all depends on the level of your BMW pension but I suspect that is not substantial.

Personally, I would never advocate anyone takes 'advantage' of a 28 day/Payday loan as they thrive on people's short term cashflow problem and charge an massive interest rate to suit. Frankly I never understand why people even consider them because you end up in a worse situation at the beginning of next month than when you took the loan out.

Can you explain why the urgency of the loan? Perhaps there are other ways to deal with this? A short term bank overdraft or money from family and friends? And if it's an urgent social need, then perhaps asking for help from the DWP may be agreed ( though not necessarily ).

And clearly, because you are disadvantaged enough phsysically to need these kind of benefits, you should not be put under pressure to have to raise short term funds in this manner. Perhaps a chat with your local Citizens Advice Bureau nay help?

by Snoopy48, 1 Jul 2011

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