If I invest 1000 per month for a fixed term of 10 years, how much realistically would I expect to receive at the end.

by , 25 Jun 2011

In an Offshore Savings Bank


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hello gooseman39 welcome to the forum
If you decide to put it in a savings account, you would have your capital of ?120000. What interest you would earn on that depends on the accounts you choose to save in.

I'm not aware of any regular saver account which would fix your interest rate for 10 years and allow you to contribute ?1000 per month. What you need to do is dig into the details of these accounts @ http://www.money.co.uk/savings-accounts/regular-savings.htm and see if any fit the bill.

by HSP, 25 Jun 2011

Northern rock and Santander have the best rates at the moment but it changes month to month so its a game of switching accounts it can get very tedious and tiring trying to keep up with the interest rates such as they are trying to get that extra 0.1% really isnt worth it unless you have hundreds of thousands of pounds!

by Omendata, 25 Jun 2011

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