I have 2 cash isas maturing on different dates in april, in the new tax year, can I reinvest these 2 plus adding my new isa

by , 30 Mar 2011


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Yes, bobbers, so long as you don't exceed your allowance in any tax year you can move them about to your heart's content.

by Feline123, 30 Mar 2011

Hi bobbers and welcome.

You could also amalgamate all three ISAs, if you want to, by choosing your new ISA from a provider that accepts transfers in, assuming the maturing dates of the previous ones are suitable.

by fruitcake, 30 Mar 2011


Yep, your ISA allowance is literally the amount of new money you can add to an ISA - money already in one or more ISAs doesn't not count and can be transferred into other ISAs as you wish without affecting your annual allowance.

by G-Man, 30 Mar 2011

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