Hi there I have 400,000 to invest, need low risk but must be fluid, may need income from it in a couple of years.

by , 18 Jan 2011


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Hi Deckchair, and welcome to the forum.

?400,000 is a very large sum of money to invest, I would suggest you get professional advice from an independent financial adviser.

by fruitcake, 18 Jan 2011

Been there done that and they all offer conflicting advice!!! So im still confused.
But thanks for your answer

by Deckchair, 18 Jan 2011

Sorry it wasn't any help, but we are not financial experts or financial professionals on this forum, we simply share our experience with each other on an informal and friendly basis. I think with such a large amount to invest, professional advice is a must.

by fruitcake, 18 Jan 2011

Definitely get professional advice - that is a very large amount of money.

by Feline123, 22 Jan 2011
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I think its better to decide how much you are likely to need in the short term and then keep that in a savings account that does not deduct interest if you make withdrawals, like Post office savings and ING . For the rest it would be better to split that into say 50,000 lumps and invest in different 2-3 year bonds. There are some examples on the savings page on money.co.uk

These accounts are quite low risk and of course the returns will probably just cover inflation. If you need a better return and/or better advice then a good IFA should be able to answer you. I suggest you try different IFA's than the ones you have already tried - i.e. one that is recommended by the FSA and charges a fee rather than one that operates on commission ... check the www.fsa.gov.uk/register or visit IFAP's website at unbiased.co.uk to make sure. Additionally there are other IFA organisations they include the Society of Financial Advisers (SOFA) and the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP).

by donk, 20 Jan 2011

I am a professional advisor and I advise you to invest it in the Omendata professional equity fund for insane people and weirdos!

If I had ?400,000 I wouldnt be living in this country thats for sure!

by Omendata, 22 Jan 2011

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