if u have a bad credit or bankruptcy history, which bank will let u open a personal account.

by , 29 Nov 2010

i have got a bad credit history and about to go bankrupt, it was all due business collapsed, i am self employed and got a part time job and i a bank account to put wages in.so i tried barclays but they refused me,and i need an account desperately before i go to court.


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Sorry to hear that things aren't going well for you. I think I heard that they just change the law so everyone should be able to get a basic bank account but I'm not 100% sure. Perhaps try another bank.

by GinnyB, 29 Nov 2010

You won't be able to get a normal current account however you should be able to get a basic bank account. I am not sure what the restrictions are though about if you are allowed to open new accounts if you are being declared bankrupt, I know you can get one once you have been discharged from bankruptcy. Also I am sure you would need to tell the official receiver of all of your accounts that you hold or open whilst in the process of being declared bankrupt. It may be worth contacting one of the providers of basic bank accounts to find out if you are allowed to open one with your current situation.

There is a table of some basic bank account providers on this site:


by TheBandit, 29 Nov 2010

Yes, you can open a specially designed bank account with the Co-op, Barclays or Nationwide, ikaw. Have a look at this helpful information...

by fruitcake, 29 Nov 2010

It is a banks decision as to whether they will offer you an account if you are bankrupt or about to be declared bankrupt and you may find that there will be certain restrictions imposed on the account like not being able to bank online or having a cheque book. They are usually called a basic account and you would be wise to disclose your financial situation to them. I have heard that the CoOperative Bank's basic account is very good.

by frenchwoodgirl, 29 Nov 2010

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