Selling on Ebay? Is it becoming too expensive now?

by , 14 Nov 2010

I haven't sold on Ebay for such a long time ( always had something on the go at one time ) but still use it to buy certain things where they are either scarce on the high street or simply too expensive! But I am seeing a lot of carping in the media that selling on Ebay is becoming unrealistically expensive, what with listing, final value and Paypal fees. So, have you sold on Ebay recently and did the fees seem unreasonably high? And have people been put off selling via Ebay for this very reason? Also, I am told that the selling opportunities are dwindling as the site is literally overloaded to excess. Appreciate all views and experiences ..... Thanks !


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Hi Snoopy48

I am currently selling on Ebay and try to have things listed on a weekly basis. I sell things this way because I am a stay at home mum looking to make some extra cash. I mainly sell clothing so my listings are not of a high priced nature.

It is always quite a shock to get the monthly bill through, but when I think back over all my activity of that month it isn't that bad. I think that if you were selling high priced items it could be quite expensive. I have found though that Ebay are trying to address the problems with free listing weekends generally every other weekend. This helps to keep the listing fees down.

I don't mind the Paypal fees either as it offers protection, and I have on a couple of occassions had to use paypal to get a refund on items - it is the same as having to buy insurance - it seems like a waste of money until you need to make a claim.

There is a lot of activity on Ebay and I think that this is likely to grow as the financial situation gets worse - everybody will be looking for a bargain and that is the very reason why there will be less bargains around! Good news for seller, not so good for buyers.

I will continue to use Ebay because it is easy and convenient for me and it is an effective way for me to sell.

by Vettriano, 14 Nov 2010

i sell alot of stuff every week on ebay ebay give you it for free if you start the price at 99p , you get hundred free listing a month if the starting price is 99p, i dont like the set amonut for postage as it is some times more, i sold something over seas and i could only put 20 pound as it was heavy i took it post office and they said it would be 35 pound to post so i had to email the person but lucky he payed me the extra in paypal so beware if you sell items overseas as the price is high, i think they shouldnt charge you to put a buy now on as if it sells then ebay will make money from it anyway ,

by krlll08, 14 Nov 2010

You are right in what you say .... I am tempted to stick stuff on at 99p but free bidding being what it is means that's exactly what I will get, 99p, less commission and insertion fees of course. I do admire people that put an item on for 99p and then hold their breath. Mind you, I bought a double CD album in mint condition last week for 99p although I did bid up to ?3. I felt bad for the seller actually but that's because I have a conscience! In fact, I added a ?1 to Children In Need as I was so pleased. Some you win, some you lose!

by Snoopy48, 5 Dec 2010

Yes. I have recently sold some DVD box sets. These sold for ?1.99 and ebay limited my postage costs to ?1. The actual postage of the item was ?1.90 and they will take their commission, which will leave me with a 'profit' of about 50p. I do not see any reason to use this site when if I were to sell it at a car boot sale, I would make double that or more.

by Parchester, 14 Nov 2010

As you say Parchester, a pointless exercise. I wonder what the management of Ebay would say if you put this very point to them? Frankly, agreed and legally accepted bid or not, I would rebel against a system that only allows me to collect approximately half the correct P&P costs. It's simply inane! Thanks for your experience!

by Snoopy48, 14 Nov 2010

Hi Parchester, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, I make sure that I don't get caught out on postage by weighing my items and I send my items 2nd class, and if you know that getting ?1.99 for an item isn't going to make you the money that you want to sell it for, start the bidding price higher.

by Vettriano, 15 Nov 2010

I only list now when they have the free listing weekends which do seem to be happening on a more regular basis. I don't sell a great deal but had a clear out recently and sold a lot of clothes. I made ?140 in total and my PayPal fees were just under ?12 which I didn't think was too bad. I did notice that they had put a limit of ?4 on the P&P costs which I fell foul of a couple of times as a couple of the items cost more than this to post. Overall though I made a good profit and was generally pleased and would continue to use it in the future. I couldn't believe that one person paid ?26 for a pair of my daughter's dungarees from Next that I had only paid ?9 for in the sale!!

by frenchwoodgirl, 14 Nov 2010

Well thank you .. it's good to get a positive side to this as well although Ebay's capped postage charges, while there for a good reason, have to be taken into account on a tight profit margin on some occasions. And a 65% profit on a sale item .. now there's a business opportunity if ever I saw one! Cheers

by Snoopy48, 14 Nov 2010

You can take the postage option out and put your own postage costs in the description thats what i do.

by NTB, 14 Nov 2010

No eBay limit how much you can charge on certain items and ypu cannot override this pricing strategy. I attempted to place a fair P&P cost and because it was classed as a DVD it only permitted its set cost of ?1. Even though this was a box set! Incidents like this tend to put me and I know other off from selling on there.

by Parchester, 15 Nov 2010

Hi, yes I don't think items on ebay are as cheap as they once were, also certain charity shops have upped their prices, they say they are justifying the hike with regards to inflation in general.
I also wait until ebay have free listings before I attempt to sell anything as most of my items would go for a nominal amount
and the small amount I asked for my goods would be eaten up by the fees.

by LILLIE, 14 Nov 2010

I think it does cost more to sell on there, but like frenchwoodgirl i have recently listed and sold some items and made just over ?100 - very handy at this time of year and not had to leave home to be on a stall/boot sale etc other than to go to the post office.

by NTB, 14 Nov 2010

The problem with ebay is the high fees and needing two buyers to get a decent price for your item. I have been using http:// as there fees are tiny compared to ebay and their unique auction format means you only need one buyer to get a better price, its worth a go..

by chicky, 25 Sep 2012

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