Is there anyway of getting out of a mobile phone contract?

by , 2 Oct 2010

I am with orange on a 24 month contract, about 8 months into it. Is there anyway of ending it without paying the rest of contract price each month?


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I think you will struggle unless you can show that there is a problem with the phone or the signal you receive. My brother was able to cancel his as he had absolutely zero reception at his home address which made the phone and the contract worthless. If it is just case of having found a better contract elsewhere you will have to pay a penalty exit fee. It may be worth enquiring what it will cost you to cancel the contract and compare that with what you can get a new contract for.

by frenchwoodgirl, 2 Oct 2010

Yeah, they are pretty strict. You might be able to switch it to something else, if you stay with the same supplier.

by Kyra1, 2 Oct 2010

Depending on the exact circumstances, you may also be able to switch to something else with another supplier.

One of Orange's competitor's (Vodafone, O2, 3 etc) may offer to buy you out of the contract - although this is by no means guaranteed.

You'd probably need to agree to take out a long term (often up to 24months) contract with that provider to justify their buying your contract from Orange.

So, your best bet that I can see would be to research which contract you want elsewhere, then approach that company directly and talk about your situation.

by BillJ, 25 Jul 2012
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Unless there is a solidly good reason of which Orange will accept you cannot be blamed for, you will incur heavy charges for the remaining 16 months.

by creativesaver, 2 Oct 2010

You can upgrade your account. As in, pay an extra ?5 a month, say to go on a better contract which most of the time they don't mind doing. However, by the sounds of your question, I'm presuming you want to get out of it because of the price?? 99% of the time, you won't be able to cancel your contract without exit fees, unless it is a problem on their part which has caused you to leave. And even then it has to be a fairly big problem.
My friend is with Orange and she regretted it after the first month. Signal wasn't the best, plus, she's on a 24 month contract at, wait for it, ?64 a month. And she can't get out of it unless she pays the full amount. This is why it is highly important to read through the contract details and always make sure that you are happy with the term of the contract because once that contract is agreed and completed, the term cannot be decreased without penalty.

by ryancarte, 2 Oct 2010

Give Orange a call (they have a free number!) and see if they can do you a better deal by changing tariff. If not, then Ryancarte's answer is the only way out.

by fruitcake, 2 Oct 2010

I learned from "martin lewis" that if you phone them up a month or two before contract due to end, you can tell them you are definitely definitely leavig and not wanting to renew especially at that price, seemingly at that stage of the contract, they pay more attention as they have dedicated staff/desk just to KEEP people who want to leave. At that point you can sometimes tell them exactly what you want and what you are prepared to pay and you might negotiate a better deal, end on to the contract.If you don,t just don,t renew. Quite honestly i have changed to Vodaphone freedom packs pay as you go 30 day top-ups and they are in my opinion extremely good value.

by instinct, 2 Oct 2010

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