What bank offers the best Overdraft facility?

by , 9 Aug 2010

I recently mentioned moving banks, i have decided my main importance at present is an overdraft facility.


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The santander account has a 0% overdraft rate but only for the first 12 months, so make sure you keep an eye on it, and change after the year. On top of this it does offer a very low 0.1% interest rate. that's definately the best recommendation at the moment.

by ryancarte, 9 Aug 2010

My husband has this (with A&L, which is now Santander) and hasn't been charged for his overdraft in the last 2-3 years. Not sure if he pays a monthly fee though

by Sporty, 9 Aug 2010

i believe santandare my son is with them seem prety good

by smartcar, 9 Aug 2010

your welcome let me know how you get on

by smartcar, 9 Aug 2010

i would suggest shopping around as you have your requirements which will vary person to person

by abigail69, 9 Aug 2010

Think you might find LLoyds has the lowest rate. Check out this site and Guardian money site. Good luck

by pmscot93, 9 Aug 2010

I think you get 0% overdraft for a year with Santander if you switch to it.

There are some requirements, like paying ?1k/month.

by palandraca, 9 Aug 2010

Check this link

for some comparison on best overdraft facility.
Best of luck!

by Ali, 9 Aug 2010

Check out Martins money tips, he provides the best deals weekly

by Shelley2286, 9 Aug 2010

clysdale are really great to me and dont charge me for unexpected overdrafts which is great of them!

by katkity, 9 Aug 2010

First Direct offer a 0% ?500 overdraft limit. When I opened my account they said it was for the first 12 months, however this has been extended and I think if they see you as a good customer they are happy to keep this facility in place. I suppose it depends how much you are looking for?

by frenchwoodgirl, 9 Aug 2010

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